Fields of Activities

a) City and Urban Management

To follow the sample applications and inform the members, to maintain urban guidance service, to organize every kind of training, research and similar activities to develop administrative and financial capacities of urban management, to make and apply activities and common projects about awareness-raising, training and research for the physical, social, cultural and economical development of cities.

b) Municipal Services

To support municipalities carry out their projects on infrastructure, superstructure and service areas; to guide members for receiving national and international grants, funds, credits and similar resources; to give consultancy and project support to the municipalities with the purpose of establishing business corporations; to build, to have facilities built on these corporations, to encourage these corporations and to manage these facilities; to support the member municipalities develop information and technology applications like “e-municipality”, “city information center” and etc. by giving technical guidance.

c) Social and Cultural Services

To work on protective projects for the historical and cultural identities of cities,

To help the improvement of culture and arts in cities,

To establish thermal complexes, hotels, motels and social complexes for health and tourism,

To support municipalities’ aid for people in need of protection and help,

To protect human, animal and environmental health and organize activities with the purpose of increasing participation in various sport branches; to work on awareness raising activities, to give counseling and project support to municipalities, to establish, have institutions established and manage institutions related with the issue, encourage and support the establishment of these institutions and maintain cooperation and coordination in this context.

d) Training Services

To search for the possibilities of developing Turkish World municipal work and municipal perception, to support the search for unique model developing, to publish periodical and non-periodicals like bulletin, journal, book, report related with the study areas, to support studies, to produce audio-visual documents, to create websites and portals, to establish training and research center, information center, institute, library within the Union, to support these activities, to give research and training scholarships especially to local government research areas,

To cooperate with institutions and associations which have common activity routes, to produce common projects,

To encourage municipal work and municipal science, to establish libraries,

To establish schools of vocational training for municipality employees,

To open vocational courses and job training centers,

To organize conferences on municipal work and urbanism, to arrange tours for this goal,

To inform union’s members, government and municipalities about legal, financial and technical problems if required; to give opinion about municipal work and urbanism laws in the sense of counseling, in response to governments and municipalities request,

e) Developing International Relations

To create and develop local and international relations and cooperation between municipalities,

To be a member of, cooperate and make projects with international unions, associations, networks, and training and research institutions that work on local governments,

To participate meetings, seminars, conferences and similar activities of international local government institutions or organize these cooperatively. 

The Union, whether stated above or not, organizes, has somebody organized, and encourages all kinds of activities that are related with city and urban management, and those cooperate and coordinate between municipalities; provides financial, technical and administrative support for suitable projects and activities, and participates in the studies conducted.