The Bereket Convoy, which was founded 12 years ago by the Bayrampaşa Municipality for the first time with the slogan ‘Brotherhood does not have limits’ brought together about 100 thousand Muslims in 9 countries in the Balkans this year at iftar meals.

Bereket Convoy departed from Bayrampasa one day before Ramadan with 3 rigs, 3 minibuses, 2 buses, a car, a live broadcast vehicle and a volunteer team of 75 people brought together about 100 thousand Muslims in different cities of 9 Balkan countries including Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Greece at the iftar and cultural gathering. Many people including Bayrampasa Mayor Atila Aydıner, politicians, local administrators, bureaucrats, clergy, artists, NGO representatives attended the iftar programs that Muslims showed great interest and followed closely by the press. During the month of Ramadan, the Balkans visited the country and city for the 13th time and organized iftar and culture gathering and Bayrampaşa Municipality organized the first iftar program in Jebel / Bulgaria and the last iftar in Gomulcine / Greece. In the frame of Ramadan program the Schedule was June 23 Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 16 Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 18 Montenegro Gusinje, June 20 Kosovo Kaçanik, June 20 Kosovo Prizren, June 21 Kosovo Prizren, June 23 Albania Kavaje, June 24 Albania Korce, June 26 Macedonia Monastery, June 27 Macedonia Kirche, June 28 Macedonia Kumanova, June 29 Serbia Bujanovac, July 2 Greece Sekke, July 3 Greece Gomulcine.

In the brotherhood iftars in Balkans; Qur’an, was recited, hmnys were said and local folk dances were displayed. Beside the iftar menus, fresh bread and Ottoman paste were served to the citizens. There were also various theater shows for children.

President Aydıner: We Removed All the Borders Infront of the Brotherhood

President Atila Aydiner expressed that the Ramadan project in the Balkans is a project of friendship, peace and brotherhood and said “We did not only set up the iftar table in the Balkans, but also built friendship meals. We have built bridges of friendship and fraternity between Turkey and the Balkans for the past 12 years with Bereket Convoy. This year we have gathered hearts again in Balkan geography. We have ties with our brothers and sisters which will not break up. We are determined to continue these ties. I thank all the friends who have contributed to the establishment of these beautiful tables separately.”

The journey of Bereket Convoy started in Bulgaria ended in Istanbul on 25 June 2017 after the iftars held at 19 points in 9 Balkan countries.