Member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Eyüp Municipality organized iftar programs in Gostivar and Tetovo cities of Macedonia.

Eyup Mayor Remzi Aydin, Gostivar Mayor Nevzat Bejta, Tetrahim Müfti Kani Nesimi and Gostivar Mufti Shaqir Fetahu, and 5 thousand Bosnians and Albanians from Gostivar and Tetovo participated in the iftars organized this year with the slogan “Brotherhood”.

Eyüp and Gostivar Signed Sister City Protocol

Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydin, who went to Gostivar for the programs, also signed the “Sister City” protocol with Gostivar city in the north of Macedonia where Muslim Turks and Albanians live intensely. President Remzi Aydin said at the signing ceremony held on 10 June 2017, “Eyüp and Gostivar have deep historical ties. There are many people from Gostivar living in Eyüp. We want to grow our relations with Gostivar, which is already good relations, to develop our brotherhood”.

Gostivar Mayor Nevzat Bejta stated that they were grateful for the contributions made by Eyüp Municipality to Gostivar in the last three years and said, “We will carry our relations with the protocol to a further point. Iftar program is now a tradition. Ramadan unifies us, creating love and joy. We will do useful things for both Gostivar and Eyüp with the projects we will work together”.

Ramadan Dinner at 500 years of Harabati Dervish Lodge

Eyup Municipality’s traditional Balkan iftars continued with Kalkandelen on Sunday, 11th of June 2017 after Gostivar city iftar program.

Remzi Aydin, Mayor of Eyüp, addressing the Turkish, Albanian and Bosnians meeting in the same hall in Harabati Tekke which dates back to 1538, expressed his desire to meet with the Muslims in Macedonia and stated that “We came here to share your sofras and we did not forget you , We do not have any other goal.”

The Mufti of the Kalkandelen, Kani Nesimi, referred to the abundance of Ramadan’s bringing all the Muslims together at the same table and said “I would like to extend my gratitude to our Turkish brothers and sisters from Istanbul who came here to do iftar with us. They came to give up their families, their homes, their relatives to break the fast with us. This is a great sacrifice and the only source of this sacrifice is the faith in God.”