Keçiören Municipality, sharing the blessings of Ramadan every year in a brother country with an iftar organization, this year organized its Brotherhood Iftar Organization in Kazakhstan’s city of Turkestan, 2017 Turkish World Cultural Capital. Within the framework of the visit Keçiören and Turkestan signed sister city protocol.

One thousand people broke fast at Brotherhood Iftar Program organized in Turkestan, the center of Turkish World, at Night of Power. Starting his speech at the organization as “I wish our unity and brotherhood will continue in our ancestor land Kazakhstan”, Mayor Mustafa Ak added that Turkestan, the city of Hodja Ahmad Yasawi, is an important area for the Islamization of Anatolia. Reminding that the park named after famous Kazakh poet Suyinbay Aronulı and the street named after famous Kazakh bard Jambıl Jabayev in Keçiören have been opened, Mayor Ak continued as “Our relations will develop more with the sister city protocol. We will exchange experience and information with our sister city. I wish the sisterhood between two cities will last forever.”

On the other hand, Mayor of Kazakhstan Turkestan Alipbek Öserbayev stated that they are very glad to host the delegation of Keçiören Municipality and added, “You hosted us very well at International Ramadan Events. We have a saying here; when the brother is away, the brotherhood ends. We refresh our brotherhood every year. We will strengthen our relations with sister city protocol.”

Keçiören’s New Sister City Turkestan

On the second day of the visit Keçiören Municipality and Turkestan Municipality of Kazakhstan signed the sister city protocol. The protocol was signed by Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak and Mayor of Turkestan Alipbek Öserbayev. After the signing ceremony Mayor Ak visited Hodja Ahmad Yasawi Tomb and Social Complex, which is the first historical artifact of Kazakhstan that has been added into World Heritage List of UNESCO, and also International Ahmad Yasawi University. Besides he attended in iftar organization with Meskhetian Turks in Cimkent city of Kazakhstan.

Keçiören Municipality had organized Brotherhood Iftar Programs in Jendouba of Tunusia in 2016, Kirkuk of Iraq in 2015, Gorajde of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013, Jupa of Macedonia in 2012 and Gaza of Palestine in 2011.