Special medals prepared for the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Turkish Republics were presented to the owners with ceremony held in TÜRKSOY Headquarters in Ankara.

Azerbaijan Ambassador of Ankara Faig Bagirov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Abzal Saparbekuli, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan İbragim Junusov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan Ulfat Kadirov, TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kaseinov and other invited guests attended to the ceremony.

Kaseinov expressed that the spiritual value of the presented medals is very high and said “Today, we came together to thank and present to you a valuable gift which is too great for us. I can comfortably say that our thanksgiving medals that we presented you today are the symbol of which we see you as the proprietor, the owner and the seniors of our organization.

The Ones who were Presented 25th Year Medals

The ones who were presented 25th year medals are Azerbaijan Ankara Ambassador Faig Bagiyrov, Kazakhstan Ankara Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuli, Kyrgyzstan Ankara Ambassador Ibragim Junusov, Uzbekistan Ankara Ambassador Ulfat Kadirov, Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister of Turkey Ahmet Arslan, Republic of Turkey Presidential Chief Advisor Yalçın Topçu and Trt Avaz.

At the ceremony, the ministries of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan ministries also presented medals to the people and institutions contributing to the development of relations between the countries.

Outstanding Service Medal from Kyrgyzstan to TDBB

The “Outstanding Service Medal” awarded to the TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, by the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Culture, due to his contributions to the relations between the two countries, was presented by Ibragim Junusov, Kyrgyzstan’s Ankara Ambassador.

Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Culture Medal is also presented to Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey Hüseyin Yayman, Secretary General of Turkic World Architects and Engineers Association İlyas Demirci, Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture Türksoy Representative Elçin Gafarlı.

Kazakhstan Culture Ministry Medal is given to Yakup Ömeroğlu, Head of the Eurasian Writers’ Association, Abdullah Kurbani, Chief of Turkish World Music Ensemble Elnara Kerimova, Chief of TRT Radio Chorus, Feryal Başel Tuzun, Sound Artist, Cahangir Navruzov, Director and Stage Manager from Azerbaijan, Kojageldi Kuluev TURKSOY Representative of Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Culture, Timur Davletov TÜRKSOY Siberian Expert and Guler Fedai TURKSOY Representative.