Turkish class was opened in the “Harmani 1” Primary school in Bihac city of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the scope of “My Choice is Turkish Project” of Yunus Emre Institute in collaboration with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kartepe Municipality with the ceremony held on 17 March 2017.

Haldun Koc Sarajevo Ambassador of Turkey, Sanela Cenanovic Minister of Education of Una-Sana Canton, Hüseyin Üzülmez Mayor of Kartepe, Suhret Fazlic Mayor of Bihac, Mehmet Akif Yaman Saraybosna Yunus Emre Institute Director, teachers and students attended the opening ceremony of Turkish class. The Turkish class opened in the “Harmani 1” Primary School became the first Turkish class in the Canton of Una-Sana.

Kartepe Mayor Üzülmez said in his speech that they were ” sister city” with Bihac, emphasizing the need for such projects, especially after the unsuccessful coup attempt on 15 July. Üzülmez who had visited Bihac several times said, “But today is a very different day. Particularly, I saw the children, while listening to the national anthem of both countries, that their heart beatings are mutual and together.”

Turkish Ambassador to Sarajevo Koç also said that the fact that Turkish was taught as a second foreign language in Bosnia and Herzegovina and at the same time the spread of Bosnian in Turkey would constitute an important organic link to the future of bilateral relations. Emphasizing that the increase in the number of young people who know the both languages in same level is an investment for the future in terms of economic sense. Koç noted that Turkish institutions and companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina need young people who know both languages. Koç added that they hoped to increase the number of Turkish classes in the country and added that they would continue to offer contributions in this area, which is in fact based on the relations between the two countries.

The students, who were educated at the school where Turkish is taught as an elective course, read the Turkish poems and sang songs in the program prepared after the opening.

The ceremony came to an end with the reciprocal gift-giving and souvenir photo shoot.