Union of Turkish World Municipalities’ (TDBB) Administrative Board Member Keçiören Municipality donated irrigation vehicle to sister city El Halil from Palestine.

Mayor of Keçiören Municipality Mustafa Ak, Ambassador of Palestine Dr. Fead Mustafa, Mayor of El Halil Municipality Prof. Dr. Davud Zatari and district governor of Keçiören Uğur Bulut took place at signing ceremony in municipal building.

Ambassador of Palestine Dr. Faed Mustafa underlined that souls of peoples of Palestine and Turkey are together and continued: “This present from Keçiören Municipality is very important in symbolic way because water is important for life but also this vehicle can be used in case of fire. In other hand West countries and USA supports Israel by sending war vehicles for burning Palestine but Turkey is giving us Irrigation vehicle to make a place green”.

Mayor of El Halil Municipality Prof. Dr. Davud Zatari in his speech thanked to Mayor Ak and people of Keçiören and added: “This is very important donation for us. Irrigation vehicle is from people of Keçiören to people of Palestine which is staying straight to Israel. My appreciation to all Turkish people for being with us” said.

After welcoming words from Mayor of Keçiören Municipality Mustafa Ak underlined that this donation for sister city El Halil is because of friendship between us. “We took decision in our Municipal Council two years ago but we didn’t send this vehicle because of Israel’s embargo to Palestine. This donation is not from one municipality to another municipality, this is donation from Turkish people to Palestinian people. We hope so that it will give a life to our people there and to plants. Turkey will always stay with Palestinian people in their struggle for rights.”

After speeches on ceremony and signing of protocol, Mayor Ak delivered vehicle.