Organized cooperatively by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), and TÜRKSOY, Molla Penah Vagif as one of the important names of Azerbaijan poetry was commemorated with the panel organized in Sakarya on 3 March 2017, on the occasion of his 300th Birthday and 2017 Molla Penah Vagif Year.

The panel organized in Adapazarı Cultural Center was attended by first Deputy Minister of Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism Vagif Aliyev, PMs of Sakarya Prof. Dr. Mustafa İsen, Şaban Dişli, Zihni Açba, Secretary General of TÜRKSOY Düsen Kaseinov and many other guests.

In the panel, where Faculty Member of Sakarya University Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mehdi Ergüzel was the moderator, Deputy Chair of Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy Prof. Dr. İsa Hebibbeyli, Chair of Azerbaijan National Library Prof. Dr. Kerim Tahirov, Vice General President of Eurasia Writers Union Poet Ali Akbaş and Faculty Member of Karabük University Doç. Dr. Yıldız İsmailova were the speakers.

At the program where MP of Sakarya Mustafa İsen spoke, he said Turkish World has been an issue that has been discussed for a long time at intellectual level. He also mentioned that with this organization a new perspective has been opened in Sakarya on Turkish World and added, “I am sure that from now on we will see many more activities in this city concerning this issue.”

On the other hand Vice General President of Eurasia Writers Union Poet Ali Akbaş spoke as, “We are here together to celebrate a young man of 300 years old with the power of art and the benefits of word. Vagif is a poet who marked 18th century with his art power and lyrics. He is not just a poet but also a statesman. Vagif is a poet who made Turkish increase in level with his literary arts.”

The program ended with Azerbaijani Zülfiye İsmailova and Azerbaijani folk poet Selahaddin Dündar’s performance of Vagif’s works.   

Who is Molla Penah Vagif?

He is one of the powerful representatives of 18th Azerbaijan Literature. Vagif was born in 1717 in Kazakh District of Gırag Salahh village and died in 1797. Vagif is known as the beauty and love poet of Azerbaijan poetry history. Vagif’s “Bak” and “Görmedim” poems are the most precious examples of Middle Age Azerbaijan Literature. Molla Penah Vagif’s poetry has been published for many times and many articles and works have been written about him.