Vice president of Association of Albanian Municipalities (AAM) with delegation of mayors visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on 2nd December 2016.

Vice president of Association of Albanian Municipalities (AAM) and mayor of Mallakastra Municipality Agron Kapllanaj, Executive Director of AAM Agron Haxhimali, Mayor of Kamza Municipality Xhelal Mziu, Mayor of Kukesi Municipality Bashkim Shehu, Mayor of Lezha Municipality Fran Frroku, Deputy Mayor of Vora Municipality Pellumb Brusha, Deputy Mayor of Ballshi Municipality Vetjona Mile, Deputy Mayor of Durresi Municipality Florian Tahiri, Deputy Mayor of Kukesi Municipality Albert Omuri and Deputy Mayor of Selenica Municipality Maim Veshaj took part in the delegation.

Mallakastra Mayor and vice president of Association of Albanian Municipalities (AAM) Agron Kapllanaj: “Today we are here because of close cooperation and experience sharing. History of our two countries is same. Turkey always supported Albania. As Turkey is following events in Albania, we are also closely following developments in Turkey. Turkey pulls through dangerous situation in July. Because of making an effort in this situation we thank to President Reccep Tayyip Erdoğan. Twenty five years ago Albania left communism system but we don’t have yet full democracy. In constructing of democracy we will use experience of TDBB members’ municipalities. We will enhance number of TDBB members from Albania. We will be pleased if our Association becomes member of TDBB. Also in coordination with TDBB we are asking for sister cities from Turkey”, said.

Executive director of Association of Albanian Municipalities (AAM) Agron Haxhimali: “We would like to enhance number of TDBB members from Albania. In close future Association of Albanian Municipalities will apply for membership to TDBB. I will do my best to make it as soon is it possible. In next months we will organize one official meeting in Albania or Turkey. This meeting is our first step; second one will be as member of TDBB. After that our cooperation will be better making memberships for other municipalities. Making coordination together, we will increase relations between two countries. Today a relation between Turkey and Albania is better than before and it will be better in future. As Association of Albanian Municipalities (AAM) we will do our best. We are inviting you to visit our country. Thank you for organizing meeting like this” said.

Secretary General of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Fahri Solak underlined same parts of history and culture in both countries, Turkey and Albania. Also afterwards: “We would like to have more members from Albania. We are glad that Association of Albanian Municipalities thinks to become member of TDBB. As TDBB we would like to work together on concrete projects with Albanian municipalities. As Union we organize almost every month one education for expert from local governments. We would like to have participants in those educations from Albania. After completing some more memberships we want to host Mayors from Albania in Istanbul or some other cities in Turkey. Also we would like to improve sister cities relations. It is not only with municipalities from Turkey but also between other municipalities from different countries. I hope so that this meeting will be new start for new cooperation between Turkey and Albania. This meeting was very productive. I hope so that it was just beginning. Thank you for visiting us”, said

Meeting ends after changing gifts and taking family photos.