Organized cooperatively by Keçiören Municipality and Ankara Embassy of Palestine, “International Solidarity Day with Palestine Community” took place in Ankara on Thursday December 1st, 2016.

The program, made at Neşet Ertaş Arts and Performance Center, was attended by Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak, Head of Inter-parliamentary Turkey-Palestine Friendship Group and also PM of Ankara Aydın Ünal, AK Party PM of Ankara Ahmet Gündoğdu, Ambassador of Arab League Muhammed Fatih El Naciri, Counselor of Palestine Embassy Nabell Alsarraj, Ambassador of Egypt Wael El Naggar, Ambassador of Tunisia Muhammed Salah Tekaya, Ambassador of Jordan Amjad El Abayil, President of Palestine Solidarity Association Muhammed Mişeniş and many other mission representatives and guests.

After the opening of art and photography exhibition on Palestine, the program started with the recitation of Quran; then Head of Inter-parliamentary Turkey-Palestine Friendship Group Aydın Ünal talked as, “What we have experienced on the night of July 15 is experienced every day by Palestine community. The ones who managed the traitor coup at that night not only tried to harm our President, our homeland or our national will but also Palestine action. Because if Ankara is not safe, Gaza is also not safe.”

Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is always behind Palestine action and added, “Every year we welcome Palestine in our Ramadan events. We have sister city protocols with Hebron and Jabaliya Municipalities. We thank to all who stand behind this action. Even if everybody stays silent and forgets what has happened, we won’t keep silent and state the action of Palestine everywhere. I wish condolences to the families of the ones who lost their lives for this cause. Palestine, under siege for almost half a century, is a common case for all Muslims; Palestine people are on exile in their own homeland. We have to state this in every platform in every chance and stand behind this struggle.”

Ambassador of Arab League Muhammed Fatih El Naciri drew attention to the fact that every year since 29 November 1978, International Solidarity Day is celebrated with Palestine community as a result of the decision taken in United Nations General Board and added, “Palestine people accepted the start of two-state solution. But Israil didn’t accept this solution and also continues its racist attitudes, blockade, maltreatment and attack to the holy places of Muslims. Friendly states continue their efforts about this case before UN. We will continue our efforts for the freedom of Palestine community before UN in 2017”.

On the other hand, President of Palestine Solidarity Association Muhammed Mişeniş said that Turkish community who protected their country and democracy in July 15 is an example for them and continued, “We greet our Palestinian brothers from Ankara, the city of freedom, independence and victory.”

Saying that the first person who was wounded in July 15 was a Palestinian, Counselor of Palestine Embassy Nabell Alsarraj expressed his feelings as, “Palestinian community was also protesting July 15 event at the same day. We also went to the streets after Erdoğan’s call with Turkish and Palestinian flags.” Reading the message of President of Palestine Mahmut Abbas, Alsarraj thanked to the citizens and state of Republic of Turkey for supporting Palestine community with a pertinacious mood.

The program ended after the cine-vision show and theatre play about the siege in Palestine and also the present-giving and group photo events.