“International Bilecik Theatre Festival”, which was organized by Bilecik Municipality for the 11th time and where the theatre plays from the cities of countries like Azerbaijan and Kosovo in international platform also took the stage, was held in Bilecik between 15 and 30 November 2016.

The festival started with two gorgeous gala programs both in Istanbul and Bilecik. While the gala, which took place in Istanbul on 11 November 2016, was attended by Minister of Culture and Tourism Nabi Avcı, Mayor of Bilecik Selim Yağcı, Governor of Bilecik Süleyman Elban, AK Party MP of Bilecik Halil Eldemir, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, Mayor of Beyoğlu Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Mayor of Vezirhan Mehmet Duymuş, Chairman of Bilecik Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mefail Ateş, Chairman of Bilecik 1st Organized Industrial Site Yusuf Subaşı, on the other hand the gala which was made in Bilecik Şeyh Edebali Culture and Congress Center on 15 November 2016 was attended by Mayor and Governor of Bilecik and also Mayor of Osmaneli Münür Şahin, Rector of Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University İbrahim Taş, Heavy Penal Court Judge Cengiz Doğan and Bar President Halime Aynur.

At Istanbul gala, which started with Bilecik Municipality Mehter show, theatre actors Ortans Kıvanç, Rasim Öztekin and Intiqam Soltan from Azerbaijan were presented Crystal Plane Tree Award.

Speaking at the gala in Istanbul organized by Bilecik Municipality, Minister of Culture and Tourism Nabi Avcı said, “The organization of such an exclusive culture and arts event in Bilecik-the wise city, witness of the birth of a great civilization-is praiseworthy. It is very meaningful and precious to host many plays and actors in Bilecik. For 15 years, in addition to their essential duties, our municipalities as our local governments sow the seeds of a resurrection in Turkey with the value they give to arts and actors and actresses. Bilecik theatre festival is one of them. I thank the Mayor very much for this event”.

On the other hand Mayor of Bilecik Selim Yağcı spoke as “As Bilecik Municipality, on the one hand we are occupied with infrastructure and sewage on the other hand we have decided that these works are not the only working areas of municipality; we have to think about the social and cultural mobility of the citizens. We thought that in the city of initials, Bilecik, we had to do something concerning arts and we decided to make something about theatre which is known as the head of the all arts and which is effective in the development of the society as a part of the life; so we started the first theatre festival in 2004. We are happy for bringing the past local theatre festival into the international arena.”

At the first day of 11th International Bilecik Theatre Festival on 15 November 2016, Tuesday, the non-verbal play ‘Vatan (Homeland)’ was put on the stage under the directorship of Intiqam Soltan by Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism Executive of Culture and Tourism Administration of Baku, and it gained great attention from the audience. The play, which was specially prepared with homeland theme, was attributed to July 15 Martyrs. The first play of the festival was colored with the flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan, and at the end of the performance messages on unity and solidarity were given to the audience.

Within the “11th International Bilecik Theatre Festival”, plays ‘Vatan (Homeland)’, ‘Asker Dursun (Soldier Dursun)’, ‘Karman Çorman (Complicated)’, ‘OBZ Miyim (Am I OBZ)’, Nejat Uygur Special Commemoration Program- Uygur Brothers, ‘İkisi Bir Arada (Two in One)’, ‘Ne Seninle Ne Sensiz (Neither with Your nor Without You)’, ‘Köşk-ü Muamma (Mystery House)’, ‘Yalnız Ağaç (Lonely Tree)’, ‘Bizim Evde Şenlik Var (Party in our House)’, ‘Sersem Kocanın Kurnaz Kızı (Shrewd Daughter of Dull Husband)’, ‘Pijamalı Adamlar (Men in Pajamas)’, ‘Frankestein’ and ‘Sevgili Karım (My dear Wide)’ were staged at Bilecik Şeyh Edebali Culture and Congress Center for 15 days.

Bilecik Theatre Festival was completed with the play “Sevgili Karım (My Dear Wife)”. At the closing ceremony Mayor Yağcı stated to be glad for accomplishing such a successful festival and thanked everybody who contributed.