“TURKPA Member Countries in the last 25 years” Conference was organized on 24 November 2016, cooperatively by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic-speaking countries (TURKPA) and the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation, at the Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The conference was attended by MPs from member countries, Baku Ambassadors of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Republic of Turkey and the representatives of other Turkish Cooperation Institutions (Turkish Academy, Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and the Union of Architects and Engineers of Turkic World.

At the conference, opinion exchange and discussions were made on the achievements gained by Turkic Republics in 25th year, their present circumstances and the future of social, economic and cultural relations between Turkic Republics.

Taking the floor at the conference, Baku Ambassador of Republic of Turkey Erkan Özoral, Ambassador of Republic of Kazakhstan Beibit İssabayev and Ambassador of Republic of Kyrgyzstan Ayjigit Buranov underlined the importance and fundamentals of multi-dimensional and dual cooperation among Turkic Republics. At the speeches they made as TURKPA Member Countries, Feyzullah Kıyıklık from Turkey, Nizami Caferov from Azerbaijan, Aliya Saparova from Kazakhstan and Muzaffer Isakov from Kyrgyzstan mentioned about the activities of Turkic Republics in the last 25 years and emphasized the importance of events that focus on the strengthening of the independence of Turkic Republics and development of cooperation among them.

Vedad Halilovic from foreign affairs department of Union of Turkic World Municipalities (TDBB) participated in the conference on behalf of the institution and made a presentation on the goals and activities of the Union.