The academic delegation of 11 people coming from Kosovo Pristina University visited Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak.

The delegation, which also included Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Mürvete Badivuku and Prof. Dr. Naser Sahiti, and Dean Prof. Dr. Abdullah Zeynullahi, visited the tomb of Hacı Bayram Veli, Yunus Emre Cultural Center, Botanic Park, Estergon Castle, Srebrenica Monument in Alija Izetbegovic Park and Gümüşdere Ihlamur Valley. Later on, the group met with Mayor Ak at his Office.

Mayor Ak welcomed the delegation by stating his gladness and added, “In Keçiören we have 27 martyrs and 218 veterans. During this traitor coup attempt, F-16 fighter aircrafts bombed our Parliament. The people on the streets were shot by the helicopters. We have got rid of this attempt by strengthening ourselves and we haven’t met with a serious problem in economic field. This shows how our economy is strong. After the coup attempt our country has shown a good example of unity and solidarity.”

On the other hand, Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. Badivuku stated that they are glad to be in Keçiören as representatives of Pristina University and added, “We have students over 50.000 and also 13 faculties. We are here to develop our relations with the universities in Turkey. We want to benefit from their experience. We thank you for every kind of support you gave us during and after the war.” As for Prof. Dr. Sahiti, he thanked to Mustafa Ak for his hospitality and said, “You stood against the coup attempt on July 15 with your nation, in a way that hasn’t been experienced around the world.”

The delegation from Kosovo gave a thanking plaque to Mustafa Ak for his support and the Mayor gave them the books “100th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory” and “Keçiören Historical and Cultural Atlas” as gifts. The visit ended with the shooting of a group photo.