Organized by Union of Turkish World Municipality (TDBB) in cooperation with TIKA, supported by Denizli and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipalities between 16 and 22 October 2016 with the participation of 16 local government experts from 7 different countries, “Management Of Water, Waste Water And Water Systems In Local Governments “Expert Training Program was completed.

The program was participated by experts from related departments: Ernest Ymeri (Inspector of Project Coordination from Skrapar Municipality, Albania), Gentjan Lami (IT Expert from Bulqize Municipality, Albania), Ana Shurdha (Architect from Vau Dejes Municipality, Albania), Erion Vata (Architect from Kamza Municipality, Albania), Melisa Dzomba (Probationer from Foca Municipality, Bosnia Herzegovina), Fahrudin Kazazic (Director from Novi Grad Municipality, Bosnia Herzegovina), Arsllan Hajdinaga (Advisor of Mayor from Ulcinj Municipality, Montenegro), Darko Stojanovic (Expert from Berane Municipality, Montenegro), Usain Medet (Deputy Mayor from Kızılorda Region, Kazakhstan), Aigul Ayapova (Director from Kızılorda Region, Kazakhstan), Chingiz Tagaev (Deputy Mayor from Kadamjay Municipality, Kyrgyzstan), Mirzavali Bahtiyarov (Manager from Kerben Municipality, Kyrgyzstan), Erhan Yengin (Urban Planner from Guzelyurt Municipality, TRNC), Erdogan Tansoy (Architect from Girne Municipality, TRNC), Naci Taseli (Director from Gazi Magosa Municipality, TRNC), Tome Paskalovski (Director from Ohrid Municipality, Macedonia).

Program started on 17 October 2016 Monday with visit of participants from Osman Zolan Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.  Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan expressed his glad about the visit and said “We are very happy to see you in Denizli. We make these kinds of programs for the purpose of information and experience sharing and getting together with our friends. We always bring forward the important subjects for world and human. Especially we work hard on the fields of local governments. We budget high quantities to our Water and Sewage Administration (DESKI) and aim to healthy transfer of water to residences and stop the water loss. Besides, we built treatment facilities to keep the drinking water clean and prevent the damage of waste water to the city and nature and we use it for irrigation in parks and gardens.”

After the visit, the delegation went to DESKI and General Manager of DESKI Mahmut Gungor made a presentation. After the presentation, participants visited Bagbasi Zeytinyayla Picnic Area as a part of field visit.

In the second day of program in Denizli, there were presentations about investments of municipality on water issues, infrastructure Works, long term plans and technical visits in company with private secretary of DESKI Ahmet Akın. Within technical visits, delegation found the opportunity to see water reserves of DESKI, scada system, water treatment facilities and other infrastructure facilities.

On the third day of program in Denizli, participants visited Pamukkale Travartines, Hierapolis and Laodicea ancient cities.

On 20 October 2016 Thursday, “Management Of Water, Waste Water And Water Systems In Local Governments” program continued in Kocaeli city Water and Sewage Administration, ISU. Deputy General Director of ISU Ali Saglık and Head of Drinking Water Department Yilmaz Gormus made presentations about water, waste water, and sewage system activities of municipality. On the second day, Halil Kesikbas from Parks and Gardens Department made a presentation about green areas irrigation applications and the participants visited Seka Park, Aytepe Dirilis Youth Camp and other related facilities in company with officers.

Closing Dinner and Certificate Ceremony of the Expert Training Program was on 21 October 2016 Friday. Certificate program hosted by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was participated by Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Head of Parks and Gardens Department Cenan Turan, Head of Drinking Water and Treatment Facilities Yilmaz Gormus, Deputy Director of Parks and Gardens Department Fatmanur Kesikbas.

On last day of program, 22 October 2016 Saturday, participants went to their countries after Istanbul historical peninsula tour.