Mayor of Komrat, Capital of Republic of Moldova Gagauz Autonomous Region, Serghei Anastasov visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB).

During the visit, the cooperation opportunities and joint projects between TDBB and Gagauz Municipalities were discussed. Meeting with Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, Mayor of Comrat Sergei Anastasov stated that he is happy to be in Turkey and to be welcomed warmly and added, “We care for the cooperation with TDBB and we are glad to develop our relations with joint projects.” On the other hand, Fahri Solak declared his pleasure for having close cooperative relations and joint projects with Gagauz Autonomous Region, where Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) has 18 member municipalities.

Within this framework, issues like organization of Sister Cities Meeting and Experience Sharing Program in Turkey on December for the delegation of Mayors coming from Republic of Moldova Gagauz Autonomous Region, providing participation from Gagauzia for the Expert Training program that will take place in Denizli and Kocaeli in October, determination of the places where Gagauz Turks live most in Turkey and starting sister city process between Gagauz municipalities and related municipalities were discussed.

Gagauz Autonomous Region is an autonomous government bound to Republic of Moldova. Gagauz people, who name the country and who speak a dialect of Turkish that is close to Anatolian Turkish, hail from Ghuzz Turks and it is thought that the word “Gagauz” is derived from “Gök-oğuz”. 250.000 Gagauz Turks still live in former USSR. Besides, the villages of Gagauz take place in Odesa and Zaporojye districts of Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kabarday. Except for Gagauz Autonomous Region, it is predicted that there are 8.000 Gagauz people living in Kishinev, 1.600 in Bender, and 3.300 on the north side of Dinyester River in Moldova and almost 20.000 in Bulgaria and Greece in Balkans.