On August 6, the flood disaster caused the loss of 22 people and also a great financial damage in Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia and the districts around it. After the disaster many municipalities and institutions in Turkey sent aid materials to Skopje.

Within the coverage of the losses after the disaster; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Marmara Municipalities Union and Turkish Crescent sent 11 trucks including vehicles, equipments, hygienic and food products. Within this framework 6 water evacuation vehicles, 1 maintenance vehicle, 1 combined vehicle, 1 mobile banquet, 9 tons water cannons, 5 washing vehicles and 32 personnel from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; 4 trucks full of food stuff and furniture from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality; 100 sofa beds from Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality; food stuff, clothes and diapers from Manisa Yunusemre Municipality; 2 sofa beds, 1 refrigerator and a carpet to each house in Hasanbeg and Stracinci villages from Rumeli Turks Culture and Solidarity Foundation; 4.000 boxes of dry food packets each weighted at 21,5 kg of durable basic foodstuff and 1.000 boxes foodstuff including basic cleaning materials by General Directorate for Foundations and blankets and furniture from Bursa Orhangazi Municipality were sent to the region.   

Speaking on the farewell ceremony of the trucks full of hygienic products and foodstuff, Vice President of Marmara Municipalities Union and Mayor of Bağcılar Lokman Çağırıcı underlined the fact that brotherhood has no borders and that Turkish people are with their brothers inland and abroad.

In Skopje the ring roads of the city were closed to traffic as a result of 93 lt. rain per square meter, the cars were dragged to the villages. Mayor of Skopje Koce Trajanovski said “This is a disaster that we have never experienced before. We are thankful to Turkish institutions which were together with us in those bad days” and pointed out the dimension of the disaster and the importance of the aid.