The third issue (Summer 2016) of the periodical “Local Agenda in Eurasia”, which is prepared as a quarterly Activity Bulletin of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), was published.

The cover stories of the third issue of the bulletin are Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Bosnia and Herzegovina Program, one of the important international events participated by our members and local government representatives from 15 countries and organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the unique book “Second World War and Turkish World” examining the effects and reflections of Second World War on Turkish World and Expert Training Program themed as “Press and Public Relations in Local Governments” made with the participation of 20 local government experts from 9 different countries.

On the other hand the other subjects that take place in this issue are International Symposium on Mahmud al-Kashghari in Turkish and Islamic world, Workshop on Turkish World Common Proverbs and Idioms, 506th Ajvatovica Feast, Mongolia Shariin-Gol Municipality Turkey Program, 8th Communication with the Future Workshop, Turkmenistan Respect to Heritage Developing the Country Year Cultural Activities, and TDBB Visits of Secretary General of TÜRKPA Jandos Asanov, Mogadishu and Skrapar Municipalities.

In addition in the bulletin, where the activities that are supported and made in cooperation and TDBB Administrative Meetings and news about our Member Municipalities also take place, there are English and Russian summaries for our members and readers in other countries.

The subject of the travel writing in this issue is Bosnia and Herzegovina, the home town of Aliya İzzetbegoviç who says “If we become of tyrants, then our fight against the tyranny won’t mean anything.” The experiences of TDBB Foreign Relations Expert Sabiha Tuğba Ekşi are presented to the readers, accompanied with the photos.


Local Agenda in Eurasia No 3