East Turkestan is a Turkish-Islamic homeland that hosted multiple civilizations, while leaving important marks in the history. East Turkestan lands that Uyghur Turks live in general have always been strategically important for its location, and underground and ground sources. The presence of Silk Road route in the area, the production of two out of five of Chinese petrol and presence of rich gold and copper deposits make the area different in strategic perspective.

In the work “East Turkestan in Ottoman Documents” published by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), the original documents of Ottoman Archives of Prime Ministry have been handled and the historical relations between two brother communities have been presented to the attention of the readers. In the book, there are original visual documents that belong to the period between 1796 and 1917, transcripts and summaries, in addition to long Preface on East Turkestan history and Bibliography, summarized biographies of important and remarkable figures of East Turkestan, and a detailed Index.

This voluminous Prestige Book of 581 pages printed in A4 size will both serve as a first degree source for local and foreign academicians of East Turkestan and Uyghur History and intellectuals of both countries, and will also help for the perception of Ottoman-East Turkestan relations.


Dogu Turkistan Kapak