The Expert Training Program, organized between 07 and 14 January 2016 cooperatively by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Ministry of National Education (MEB) and Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) with the contributions of Zeytinburnu, Bağcılar and Sancaktepe Municipalities and with the contribution of 27 Mongolian Kazakh Educators, ended with the closing and certificate ceremony hosted by Sancaktepe Municipality in Safa Tepesi Social Facilities Complex on January 14, 2016.

Mongolian Kazakh Education Directors coming from Bayan Ulgi State of Mongolia visited schools in Istanbul within Ministry of National Education (Engin Sever Preschool, Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Primary School, Reşit Paşa Secondary School, Samiha Ayverdi Anatolian High School, İstanbul Girls’ Anatolian İmam Hatip High School, Fatih Atatürk İmam Hatip Secondary School, Fatih Girls’ İmam Hatip Secondary School and Vatan Anatolian Vocational School of Health) and also went to Zeytinburnu Municipality Youth Center and Information House, Bağcılar Municipality Enderun Talented Kids Center and Sancaktepe Municipality Şehit Furkan Doğan Youth Center to examine the activities on site, in the aim of getting information about the education system in Turkey and the contributions  of local governments to public education, especially kids and youth.

In the speech he gave to TRT Avaz during the closing ceremony, Bayan Ulgi State Head of Education Department Kyzyr Imanmagzam stated that Expert Training Program was very beneficial for them and that when they went back to their country they would try to apply what they have seen in Istanbul.    

The Closing Ceremony, with the participation of Sancaktepe Municipality Director of Culture and Social Affairs Mehmet Emin Yavuz, Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Foreign Relations Specialist Tuğba Ekşi and Ministry of National Education Istanbul Directorate of National Education, Turkish World and Related Communities Project Coordinator Canan Pehlivan, ended with the presentation of participation certificates and present giving.