Applied Expert Training Program themed as “Tax and Green-Field Applications in Local Governments”, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with TIKA, between 17 and 30 May in Istanbul and Kocaeli for 16 local governments experts from Kyrgyzstan’s Bishkek, Batken, Celal-Abad, Isıkgol, Narın and Talas Municipalities ended.

After the opening ceremony in Union Headquarters the participants made a cultural tour in Istanbul, visited Topkapı Cultural Park, Panorama 1453 Historical museum and Miniaturk then went to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Projects and Contact Tent to be informed about the on-going and future projects of the Municipality.

“Green Field Management Experiences” of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality were examined

Kyrgyz Municipalities local authorities were trained theoretically and practically for two weeks about “Environmental Planning and Green Field Management” from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality’s Park, Garden and Green Field Management Department. During the presentation of the department, Director Cenan Turan stated that as Metropolitan Municipality almost 7 million trees have been planted since 2004 and underlined the fact that Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu gives great importance to green planting. After the presentation the delegation who was trained theoretically in Rural and Agricultural Areas Branch Office, Parks and Gardens Branch Office and Survey Planning and Final Account Branch Offices visited SEKAPARK, the first industrial transformation Project area constructed on 1.100.000 square meter field. It was mentioned that SEKAPARK is not just a park but also an application area for social, cultural and sport activities. The experts were trained for a week about the planning and application steps of the park, then visited landscape application Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality did in the city and also the Nursery Garden in Ali Kahya region for fresh plants used in city landscape.

At the last day of the program President of TDBB İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu accepted the delegation and stated his opinions about common culture and civilization perspective of Turkey and Kyrgyzstan saying that a joint park should be built in Bishkek namely “Kocaeli Park”. He continued as “We are very glad to host you in our country and city. The most efficient learning occurs with witnessing and applying. Seeing once is more permanent than reading for ten times. We can provide training for municipal authorities in your country who devoted themselves to local services, feel enthusiasm and want to improve themselves.” After mutual gift presentation, the meeting ended.

“Municipal Revenues and Taxing” and “Green Field Management Applications” were examined 

Financial officers coming from different municipalities of Kyrgyzstan attended theoretical and applied training program themed as “Municipal Revenues and Taxing” in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Financial Affairs Department for two weeks. After the presentation in Directorate of Financial Affairs about tax applications and tax types in local governments, the delegation went to Directorate of Strategy Development and was informed about IMM’s 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. The experts mentioned about the importance of strategic plan and said that strategic plan and performance program should be done for administering the municipalities justly in administrative and financial terms. On the forthcoming days of the program the delegation visited different financial affairs departments and attended to the theoretical and applied training program in Budget Control Directorate, Directorate of Revenues, Directorate of Expenses, Directorate of Finance and Directorate of Financial Control.  At the end of the two weeks, uniting with the other delegation coming from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the group attended to the presentation given by IMM Asia and European sides Park and Gardens Directorate. After the presentation the delegation examined the activities in Sultanbeyli Göl (lake) Park Project, Göztepe City Park, Çırpıcı City Park and AĞAÇ A.Ş. Nursery Garden and completed the program.

The Experts were presented Certificates of Participation

Applied Expert Training Program themed as “Tax and Green-Field Applications in Local Governments”, in Istanbul and Kocaeli for 16 local governments experts from Kyrgyzstan for two weeks was completed with the Certificate Ceremony in May 29, 2015. The Certificates of the experts were presented by TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak and Representative of Kyrgyzstan Istanbul Consulate General.