Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) June Executive Board Meeting was held via video conference on 26 June 2024.

TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, TDBB Executive Board members Bağcılar Mayor Abdullah Özdemir, Başiskele Mayor Yasin Özlü and Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu attended the meeting chaired by TDBB Deputy President and Zeytinburnu Mayor Ömer Arısoy.

The meeting continued with TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak giving information about the work carried out and the agenda since the Executive Board meeting on 16 May 2024 and discussing the issues on the agenda.

In this context, participation on behalf of TDBB in the “Zivinice Open 2024” program to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 02-06 August 2024, and the “Captain Hüseyin Pasha Mosque Restoration Project” requested by the Gradacac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Municipality, in cooperation with TDBB and sister cities, to provide support, to carry out studies on the development of sister city relations with Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) Municipality, requested by Sultanbeyli (Istanbul) Municipality, to carry out the “2024-2025 Academic Year Stationery Aid Project” for students in need in Zeytinburnu municipality, in cooperation with TDBB and Zeytinburnu Municipality, to increase by 50% the amount of support given to master’s and doctoral students who are enrolled in master’s / doctorate programs at universities in Turkey and have progressed to the thesis stage and are carrying out thesis studies on “Local Governments and Urban Research in Turkic Republics and Related Communities”, Union of Turkish Cypriot Municipalities and Azerbaijan City Municipalities Union and Lebanon Dannieh Municipalities Union, to follow the official process for signing the cooperation protocol, to ensure that 30 Azerbaijani students participate in the summer youth camp in cooperation with TDBB, Azerbaijan Youth Fund and Pendik Municipality, to organize a ‘brotherly’ event to be held between Zeytinburnu Municipality and Navoi (Uzbekistan) Municipality. The ‘city protocol signing ceremony’ program will be held in Istanbul hosted by Zeytinburnu Municipality, the internship program for Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University students will be held in Turkey in the summer term of 2024 between 08-31 July 2024, and the Pendik Municipality will organize it between 01-07 July 2024. It was decided to participate in the Sister Cities Student Exchange Camp from Kyrgyzstan Çolpan-Ata, to submit the membership application of Sürmene (Trabzon) Municipality to our Union to the Board of Directors with its approval, and to carry out work to hold the TDBB July Board of Directors Meeting in Istanbul.