The Thirty-Second issue of the periodical titled ‘Local Agenda in Eurasia’, prepared in 3 languages (Turkish, English, Russian), as the quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), has been published.

Cover topics of the Thirty-Second Issue of the Bulletin; TDBB’s signing of a Cooperation Protocol with the Kazakhstan Union of Local Governments and Uzbekistan Mahallabay Work Agency, TDBB’s 2023 Sister City and New Member Studies, and Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and TRNC Municipalities’ Experience Sharing Programs being held via Video Conference Method.

Other topics covered in this issue include the TDBB Visit of the Mayor of Jeti Ögüz (Kyrgyzstan) and his Accompanying Delegation, Turkey Program of the Cholpon Ata (Kyrgyzstan) Municipality Delegation, Sister City of Bağcılar (Turkey) Municipality and Jeti Ögüz (Kyrgyzstan) Municipality, There are titles such as Novi Grad Municipality School Principals Experience Sharing Program being held in Beykoz, KTBB “Before the Traces Are Erased” Photography Exhibition being held in Ankara and Istanbul, and Başiskele Municipality and Cholpon Ata Municipality of Kyrgyzstan becoming Sister Cities.

In addition, the bulletin, which includes news about supported and collaborative activities, TDBB Administrative Meetings and Member Municipalities, also includes English and Russian translations of the news for members and readers in other countries.

Click for the Local Agenda in Eurasia PDF:


Click for the Local Agenda in Eurasia PDF: