A delegation of primary and secondary school principals working in Novi Grad, members of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Bosnia and Herzegovina, participated in the experience sharing program hosted by Beykoz Municipality on 21-26 January 2024.

The delegation, headed by Novi Grad Mayor Semir Efendiç, included Novi Grad Municipality administrators Adisa Šuman, Selma Serdarević, Amina Vatreš Nezirevic and Adis Fazlić, as well as 16 primary and secondary school principals.

The delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina was accepted by TDBB Board Member, Beykoz Mayor Murat Aydın. During the meeting, Mayor Aydin expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the Novi Grad Municipality delegation and stated that he was pleased to see Semir Efendic, his long-time friend and cooperation partner, and his delegation in Beykoz. Aydın said, “I am honored to host you as a guest in Beykoz Municipality. Mayor Semir Efendic has been our friend and colleague for many years. We follow and appreciate his successful work in Novi Grad. Our cooperation with Novi Grad has been continuing for many years. I am honored to host you here. We held meetings for further cooperation and exchanged experiences. Thank you for coming” he said.

Thanking to Mayor Aydın for the invitation and warm welcome, Mayor Efendiç said, “The principals of most of the schools in our city came with us today. As the Municipality of Novi Grad in the Sarajevo Canton, we help financially as much as we can with the infrastructure, maintenance and projects of schools. This is the first time we are visiting Turkey with such a large delegation. On behalf of the delegation, I would like to thank our Mayor Murat Aydın and his friends for hosting and preparing a meaningful program. Some of our schools have collaborations with schools in the Republic of Turkey, I hope such collaborations will increase even more, because there are many issues on which experience can be shared between our schools,” he said.

The delegation visited schools, cultural centers, historical places and pre-school education institutions. The delegation also visited Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum, Family, Women and Disabled Center, Beykoz Municipality social facilities, Kavacık Life Center, Beykoz 360 Development Center and examined the works on site. They also visited the tourist attractions of Istanbul, the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Basilica Cistern, Gülhane Park, Sultan Ahmet Square and other historical sites of the city on the Bosphorus.