In cooperation with the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), a Sister City relationship was established between 15 municipalities from different countries in 2023.

Taking into account the common cultural and civilizational heritage existing among the Turkish World, in order to benefit from knowledge, manners and mutual experiences with an approach of brotherhood, solidarity and cooperation, To protect the historical and cultural heritage, To develop cooperation, especially in economic, technical, social and cultural fields, TDBB, which has the mission of determining the problems and solutions of city administrations, searching for common solutions and carrying out implementation studies, carrying out studies in order to research and develop new models on city management and urban culture, having them done and supporting the studies, cooperates with the local governments of Turkey. It continued its intensive work in 2023 to establish a sister city relationship between municipalities in the Turkish and Islamic geography.

In 2023 with coordination of TDBB, Başiskele Municipality and Kyrgyzstan’s Çolpon Ata Municipality, Kütahya Municipality and Zivinice (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Municipality, Şahinbey (Gaziantep) Municipality and Termez (Uzbekistan) Municipality, Balıkesir (Turkey) Metropolitan Municipality and Kokand (Uzbekistan) Municipality, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Municipality, Rize Municipality and Tüp (Kyrgyzstan) Municipality and Maltepe (Istanbul) Municipality and Karshi Municipality of Uzbekistan signed Sister City Protocol.

Additionally, in 2023, under the coordination of TDBB, Konya Metropolitan Municipality – Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Konya Metropolitan Municipality – Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality – Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Bağcılar – Jeti Öguz (Kyrgyzstan), Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality – Mogadishu (Somalia), Selçuklu (Konya) – Nalahk (Mongolia), Altınova (Yalova) – Nookat (Kyrgyzstan), Altınova (Yalova) – Karakorum (Mongolia) municipalities have also decided to become sister cities and completed the necessary legal procedures.

Municipalities that became members of TDBB in 2023

In 2023, 12 municipalities from 6 countries from the Turkish and Islamic geography became members of TDBB; Abu Dies (Palestine) Municipality, Adado (Somalia) Municipality, Bosanska Krupa (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Municipality, Davlatabad (Uzbekistan) Municipality, Kağıthane (Turkey) Municipality, Kattakurgan (Uzbekistan) Municipality, Mihalıççık (Turkey) Municipality, Navoi (Uzbekistan) Municipality , Sauran (Kazakhstan) Municipality, Samarkand (Uzbekistan) Municipality, Silwad (Palestine) Municipality and Tulkarm (Palestine) Municipality. With the new members, the number of TDBB members reached 1,212 municipalities by the end of 2023.