“6th International Turkish World Science and Culture Festival”, of which the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) is among the supporting organizations, was organized by the Turkish World Children’s Foundation (TDÇV) in the Republic of Turkey. In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of National Education (MEB), Ankara Governorship, TURKSOY, Turkish Cooperation Coordination Agency (TIKA), Turkish Maarif Foundation, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and Turkish Airlines (THY), It was held in Ankara on 20-22 November 2023 and hosted by Mamak Municipality.

The opening program of the festival was attended by Mamak Mayor Murat Köse, Turkish World Children’s Foundation President Güngör Azim Tuna, Grand Unity Party Chairman Mustafa Destici, Ankara Deputy Zehranur Aydemir, diplomats from the Azerbaijani and Uzbekistan Embassies, TIKA Deputy Chairman Mahmut Çevik, Keçiören District Governor Dr. Mehmet Akçay, Mamak District Governor Ali Sırmalı and many students attended.

The Turkish World Science and Culture Festival, which started with the show of Mamak Municipality Mehter Band, continued with protocol speeches.

Speaking at the opening of the festival, Mamak Mayor Murat Köse said, “I wish success to all groups from home and abroad participating in the Turkish World Science and Culture Festival. During the process, projects will be evaluated and good results will be obtained. I would like to thank especially the Turkish World Children’s Foundation and all the organizations that contributed. I congratulate all our children, whether they receive an award or not,” he said.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Güngör Azim Tuna, President of the Turkish World Children’s Foundation, said, “We once again met in Ankara with the spirit of unity and solidarity with our children coming from different corners of our heartland, which we call the Turkish world, and their projects that are the product of their imagination” he pointed out.

At the International Turkic World Science and Culture Festival, the winning projects of students from 20 countries from Turkey and the Turkic Republics were rewarded. At the festival, students from Turkish Republics around the world exhibited their projects. Additionally, students from Turkish Republics took the stage at the festival. The performances received great applause from the participants. Students from approximately 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Chad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Romania and Turkey, exhibited their projects for two days. The winners of projects on topics such as climate change and global warming, recycling, and environmentally friendly buildings were rewarded.

The 6th Turkish World Science and Culture Festival, which lasted three days, ended with the closing and award ceremony.