Zivinice Mayor Began Muhiç, one of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Bosnia and Herzegovina Members, and his accompanying delegation visited TDBB on 8 November 2023. The delegation met with General Secretary Fahri Solak at the Union Headquarters.

In addition to Zivinice Mayor Began Muhic, Zivinice Municipality Mayor’s Advisor Alija Nurkic, Zivinice Municipality Agricultural Expert Advisor Salih Duric, Zivinice Municipality Public Relations and Protocol Advisor Alma Suljkanovic, Zivinice Municipal Council Secretary Jasmila Besic, Zivinice Municipality council member Huso Halilovic visited the headquarters.

In his speech at the meeting, Zivinice Mayor Began Muhiç said, “Thank you for taking the time and hosting us. I was appointed as the new mayor of Zivinice in the election held after the death of the previous mayor. Zivinice is one of the oldest members of TDBB in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We wanted to renew our relations by meeting with you during our visit to Turkey, we also came to sign a sister city protocol with the Kütahya Municipality. We want to restore the historical wooden mosque built during the Ottoman period in our city. Thank you for all the projects you have done in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far. We are ready to work actively with you from now on,” he said.

TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak said, “Welcome both to Turkey and to our union. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries we work most closely with. We have 33 members and we would like to increase this number even more. We wish to further develop our relations with our existing members. We are ready to continue our friendship, which started when you were the Consul General of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Istanbul, and to continue our close cooperation with you now as the Mayor,” he said.

The meeting ended with an exchange of gifts and a photo shoot to commemorate the visit.