The Thirtieth issue of the periodical titled “Local Agenda in Eurasia”, prepared in 3 languages (Turkish, English, Russian) as the quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), has been published.

The cover topics of the thirtieth issue of the bulletin are Opening of Mostar Cemal Biyediç University Student Dormitory, Publishing of the Book titled as Altai Communities: Animals and Livestock and TRNC Fire Department Expert Training Program.  

Other topics in this issue include titles such as TDBB 2023 Summer Term Internship Program, TDBB and Central Asian Local Governments Academy Video Conference, TDBB Graduate Students Support 2023 Program, TDBB Secretary General’s Meeting with the President of the Kazakhstan Local Governments Union, XI. International Altai Communities Symposium to be held in Kazakhstan, Turkic World Cultural Capitals Working Meeting to be held in Turkmenistan, Opening Ceremony of Turkmenistan’s first Smart City Arkadağ and TDBB’s Support to the 513th Ajvatovica Festival.

The subject of the travel article in this issue of our bulletin is “An Unforgettable Month in Turkey” by the students who came to Turkey with the internship program organized for Kyrgyz students in cooperation with TDBB and Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University and shared their experiences and impressions during the month they spent in Turkey. 

Besides, the bulletin, which includes supported and collaborative activities, TDBB Organizational Meetings and news about Member Municipalities, also involves news in English and Russian for members and readers in other countries.

Click for the Local Agenda in Eurasia PDF: