In the coordination of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Sister City Protocol was signed in a ceremony held in Rize on June 20, 2023, between Rize Municipality, the hometown of President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Tüp Municipality, the hometown of Kyrgyzstan President Sadır Caparov.

Mayor of Rize Rahmi Metin, Mayor of Tüp Kaynbek Adiev and TDBB Administrative Board members attended the signing ceremony.

With the protocol signed before TDBB Administrative Board Meeting, the cooperation of the two cities will continue to strengthen. It was the first time that the hometown of the President of Turkey and the President of Kyrgyzstan became sister cities.

Mayor of Rize Rahmi Metin stated that the brotherhood of the two cities became official with the signed protocol and added: “What is important for us is that Tüp, the city of Sadir Caparov, the President of Kyrgyzstan, and Rize, the city of the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are sister municipalities. Since yesterday, we have had meetings with the Mayor of Tüp. From now on, this brotherhood bridge between the two cities will continue.”

Expressing that it is the first time that the hometown of the President of Turkey and the President of Kyrgyzstan is sister cities, Kanybek Adiev, Mayor of Tüp of Kyrgyzstan said: “Dear people of Rize, thank God for uniting us for a better future. May every step we take lead to goodness away from evil. The leaders of the two countries are instrumental in making the Kyrgyzstan city of Tüp a sister city of Turkey’s Rize city. Since the President of Kyrgyzstan took office, there have been improvements in social life and economy. We know that the President of the Republic of Turkey has also improved the economy and social life since he took office. We believe that we will work more closely with the city of Rize after this protocol.”

The ceremony was concluded with the exchange of gifts and a family photo taken to commemorate the day.