7th Turkish World Documentary Film Festival awards, in which Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) is among the project partners, were presented with a ceremony held at Haliç University campus in Istanbul on October 13, 2022.

260 films from 23 countries participated in the 7th Turkish World Documentary Film Festival this year. After the preliminary evaluation, 3 separate evaluations were made in the categories of student and professional films, and the awards were presented according to the order determined by the jury.

In addition to the first three films ranking in the categories of Professional and Student films, special awards were presented to various films.

In the category of Student Documentary Films, director Sayır Bakıtbekova’s documentary film “The Bridge” came first from Kyrgyzstan. In the same category, the film “Gulab Gul” shot by director Semih Sagman in a mountain hamlet in Afghanistan won the second place, while the third prize was awarded to the documentary film “Three Armies” by director Kadir Can Arabacı, who participated in the competition from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also at the festival, director İlayda İşeri’s film “Çeşme (The Fountain)” about the cultural life of Gagauz Turks in the Gagauz Autonomous Republic won the “Student Documentary Film Category Culture and Art Award”, and The film named “Miras (Heritage)” shot by Ayimkul Temirbekkızı, who participated from Kyrgyzstan was awarded “Student Category Jury Special Award”.

In the professional category, director Volkan Üce’s Documentary Film “Her Şey Dahil (All Inclusive)” won the first prize. In the same category, the film “Savaş Çocukları (Children of War)” shot by the Yakutian Director Sardaana Barabanova placed second, while the film “Müzikli Bir Göç Masalı (A Migration Tale with Music)” directed by Neslihan Semerci from Turkey took the third place.

The documentary film “Leyla Hanım” directed by İlke İşisag was awarded the Professional Category Jury Culture and Arts Award, while Kazakh director Arsen Bayanov’s “Shaman Blues” was awarded the Turkish State Organizations Modern Silk Road Tourism Belt Award, and Uzbek director Shokir Kuzuboy ugli’s documentary film “Bahtsız Ömür (Unfortunate Life-Bahorless Umr)” was awarded Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Turkish World Honorary Award. In addition, the film by director Uğur Tata, who participated in the festival from Turkey, titled as ” Altay Dağları’ndan Hereke’ye İpek Halının Tarihi (The History of Silk Carpets from the Altai Mountains to Hereke)” was awarded the Special Award of the Festival Organizing Committee.

The 7th Turkish World Documentary Film Festival Gala and Award Ceremony program ended with the presentation of the awards and a group photo shoot.

Films that won awards and a selection of films that participated in the festival will be screened at various events in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus until the end of November.