The ‘2021 Activity Report’ of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was published in Turkish, English and Russian.

In the 2021 annual report, which includes TDBB’s institutional information as well as its one-year works, there are prominent topics such as TDBB’s “Zvornik Kamenica Martyrdom Monument Project” and “Trebinje Jupa Mosque Roof Restoration Project” in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with Karatay Municipality, ‘Kotor Varoş Sports and Playground Project’ in cooperation with Kotor Varoş Municipality, ‘Heated Greenhouse Project’ to support agricultural activities prevent migration in Modrica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, TDBB’s support to 511th Ajvatovica Ceremonies, TDBB delegation’s Bosnia and Herzegovina Member Municipalities Coordination Meeting, State University Faculty of Theology Dormitory Landscaping in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan Member Municipalities Coordination Meeting, ‘Fuel Assistance’ to Palestine’s Beit Hanon Municipality in cooperation with its sister city Seljuk Municipality and Gaza Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Beykoz Municipality and Şahinbey Municipality and TDBB delegation’s North Macedonia Member Municipalities Coordination Meeting.

In addition, in 2021 Annual Report, which also includes “Information and Experience Sharing Programs” for the local governments of 4 member countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kazakhstan) in 2021 made via face-to-face and via video conference within the framework of experience sharing and expert training programs, Union’s administrative meetings, programs organized and supported in cooperation, ‘printed publications’, international events attended, representation and visits, ‘financial information’, ‘Municipalities that became members of TDBB in 2021’, ‘TDBB members activities on the Turkic World’ and ‘TDBB in the Press’ are listed as other headings in the report.