Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘Zvornik Kamenica Martyrdom Monument Project’, realized in cooperation with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Karatay Municipality, was completed and delivered with a ceremony held on 5 November 2021.

The ceremony was attended by Mayor of Karatay Hasan Kılca, TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, Deputy Mayors of Karatay Ramazan Şevik, Mehmet Eğin, Mehmet Toknal and Osman Ciger and TDBB Foreign Relations Specialist Kenan İbrisimovic, Deputy Mufti of Tuzla Vahid Fazlovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina Islamic Union Management and Law Works Manager Mensur Karaca and Mufti of Zvornik Haris Mustaybaşiç.

Speaking on behalf of the TDBB delegation, Mayor Hasan Kılca said, “Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very important country for us. We have a common history. For this reason, as TDBB and member municipalities, we attach special importance to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think it is very important to build martyrdom monuments so that the persecution and massacres in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not forgotten. I wish God’s mercy to all our martyrs. We hope such massacres will not happen again”.

Vahid Fazlovic, the Deputy Mufti of Tuzla, also emphasized that the completion of this martyrdom is very important for them and thanked the Karatay Municipality and Union of Turkish World Municipalities for their contributions.

After the opening of the “Zvornik Kamenica Martyrdom Monument”, the construction of which was completed and on which the names of 425 martyrs were found, Qur’an was recited and prayers were mentioned for all our martyrs.