Deputy Mayor of Mogadishu Municipality, a member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in Somalia and the capital of Somalia, and the accompanying delegation visited TDBB on June 16, 2021.

The delegation met with TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak at the headquarters of the Union who are Deputy Mayor of Mogadishu Municipality Farah Abdi Dini, Secretary General of Mogadishu Municipality Hiray Ahmed Roble, Head of Foreign Relations Department Mohamed Hassan Mohamed and Assistant of the Deputy Mayor Ramla Hassan.

Deputy Mayor of Mogadishu Municipality and head of the delegation Farah Abdi Dini, said that TDBB’s activities are very important for Somalia. Farah Abdi Dini also expressed that they want to establish a closer relationship with TDBB in the coming periods and also that they want to have sister cities from Turkey and other TDBB member countries. Moreover, Abdi Dini put forward that, “I believe that expert training and information and experience sharing programs carried out by TDBB would make a significant contribution to our cities aspects of city management and the other municipality activities. He also added that “we also want to take benefit from common experiences of Bosnia and Herzegovina by establishing sister city relationships with Bosnian municipalities, that have a similar history taking the restructuring process they have had after the destruction caused by the civil war into account.”

Secretary General of Mogadishu Municipality Hiray Ahmed Roble expressed that TDBB has many members from lots of different countries all over the world and he stated that, “The purpose of our visit is to gain TDBB’s experience and network.” Roble emphasized the historical links between Somalia and Turkey and added that; “We would like TDBB to support us for the development of our local governments in such a period of time, when we are trying to get rid of the devastating effects of the civil war in our country”.

Secretary General Fahri Solak expressed his pleasant for the visit and stated that they want to support the good relations between Turkey and Somalia by developing cooperation between municipalities. Solak stated that TDBB has a total of 4 members from Somalia and the number of members should increase in order to plan expert training programs to be carried out in Somalia. Moreover he underlined that TDBB is actively working on coordination of sister city activities and he added that the necessary support will be given to Mogadishu in finding sister cities to Mogadishu from Turkey and also other TDBB member countries. He also stated that the necessary support in order to establish a municipality union will be given to Mogadishu. Furthermore, Solak said that the necessary process will be carried out in order to find sister cities to Somalia from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Finally, the Somali delegation thanked for the meeting and invited the TDBB delegation to Mogadishu to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties. The meeting was completed after gift giving and photo shooting.