The eleventh issue (Summer 2018) of the ‘Local Agenda in Eurasia’ as a quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was published.

Cover topics of the eleventh bulletin are as follows; Turkish World Mosque established by TDBB in Kyrgyzstan, Martyrdom Monument constructed in cooperation of the TDBB and Doboj Istok Municipality and fire truck given to Skrapar Municipality of Albania from TDBB.

Among the other topics that are found in this issue are, Information and Experience Sharing Programs of Azerbaijani Women in Local Governments, TDBB Mongolia Bayan-Ulgii Delegation and TDBB Azerbaijan Member Municipalities, TDBB 2018 Summer Term Internship Program, support for the 23rd Commemoration Ceremony of Srebrenica Genocide and 508th Ajvatovica Festival from TDBB, TDBB 2017 Activity Report, TDBB Information and Experience Sharing and Expert Training Programs 2017 Report and publishing of the book “Baymirza Hayit in the 100th Anniversary of his Birth and History of Turkestan Today”, Palestine Ramadan food packages aid, giving participation support to Bishkek National Children Forum from TDBB, signing Memorandum of Understanding of the Restoration Project of Bishkek Atatürk Park, 10th Communication with Future Workshop in Uzbekistan and opening of Turkey Park in Kazakliya District in the Gagauz Autonomous Region.

Besides the activities that are supported and conducted with the cooperation, TDBB Administrative Meetings and the news regarding our member municipalities that can be found in this issue, for our members and readers in other countries, summaries of the news in English and Russian can be found as well.

Local Agenda in Eurasia, No:11 (PDF)