“TDBB Bosnia and Herzegovina Delegation’s visit to Azerbaijan Program” organized by the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in the context of a program initiated to develop cooperation between the member states was held between July 29 and August 2, 2018.

The program was attended by Fahri Solak, Secretary General of the TDBB, Semir Efendic, TDBB Board Member and Mayor of Novi Grad-Sarajevo, Đemal Memagic Mayor of Olovo, Mirela Bubalo Executive Assistant at the Novi Grad Municipality, Vedad Halilovic Export Manager of the AS Holding, Huso Cesir General Manager of Bosnaplast, Muamer Cesir Deputy General Director of Bosnaplast, Erhad Trhulj Director of T3 Consulting Team Company, Mustafa Galijatovic Director of Sarajevostan, Midhat Hubijar Tourism Director Sarajevo Canton and Zuleyha Gurbetova Foreign Relations Expert at the TDBB.

Visit to Martyr’s Cemetary and Nerimanov Municipality

On the first day of the visit to Azerbaijan, the Baku Turkish Cemetery, the Martyrs’ Citadel and the Municipality of Nerimanov were visited. Within the scope of the visit, the Azerbaijani City Municipalities Union and Bosnian delegation held a meeting. At the meeting, Mayor of Azerbaijani City Municipalities Union and Narimanov District Mayor Temraz Tagiyev said that they had joint works with the TDBB. Tagiyev said, “as a result of these works, a memorial for Khojaly Genocide was built in the Bosnian capital. At the same time, the municipalities of Azerbaijan started to work together with Bosnian municipalities to carry out a series of socio-economic projects. Bosnia and Herzegovina always supported and stood by our country in the international arena. The relation between our countries today is on the high level”.

Board Member of the TDBB and Mayor of Novi Grad-Sarajevo Semir Efendic said, “the relations between the two countries are developing on daily basis. Bosnia and Herzegovina have cooperation with Azerbaijan in many areas, including tourism. For this purpose, the Tourism Director of Sarajevo Canton is part of the delegation. Investments by the Azerbaijani businessmen in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be beneficial for the revival of the two countries’ economies”.

TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak stated that TDBB has 1,150 member municipalities from 29 different countries and that 11 countries are represented at the executive committee. Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina are present at the management of the TDBB. He stated that they want to improve the mutual cooperation between Union’s member countries and that visit to Azerbaijan by the delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the best examples of this.

Visits to Azerbaijan Investment Agency, Municipalities of Sumgait, Yasamal and Sebail

On the second day of the program, the delegation visited Yasamal Municipality and Sebail Municipality. During the visits, cooperation possibilities were evaluated. On the same day, the delegation visited the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Agency (AzPromo) and evaluated the cooperation opportunities.

On the third day of the visit, the delegation visited Binegadi Municipality and Sumgayit Municipality. During the visit to Sumgayit Municipality, a meeting was held where the opportunities of cooperation were evaluated. At the meeting, the parties discussed opportunities to develop inter-municipal relations and the cooperation in the field of sharing information and experience. Sumgayit Mayor Sultan Asadov explained the renovation works of the municipality in recent years and the projects they have carried out. Asadov stated that the city has been completely renovated, especially in the last three years, that large infrastructure projects have been conducted and how Sumgayit became an attractive and modern city for foreign investors.

Meeting with Azerbaijan Municipality Unions

The delegation also visited Bileceri and Binegedi districts within the scope of the program. Meetings were also held with the Azerbaijan Town Municipality Union and the Azerbaijan City Municipality Union.

Besides the program, Bosnian delegation visited the historical and tourist sites of Azerbaijan, like the Haydar Aliyev Mausoleum, 20 Yanvar Martyr’s Graveyard, the Haydar Aliyev Center, the Xalça (Carpet) Museum, the Haydar Masjid, Atesgah Temple, Fevvareler Square and the Waterfront National Park.

The program ended on Thursday, August 2, 2018, when the delegation returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina.