Within the concept of 100th anniversary of establishment of Azerbaijan, a park was named in Maltepe as “Republic of Azerbaijan 100th Year Park” by Maltepe Municipality.

The inauguration of the park in Maltepe Başıbüyük Neighborhood was attended by Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç, Azerbaijani Deputy Diaspora Minister Valeh Haciyev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Ankara Hazar Ibrahim, Consul General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul Mesim Haciyev, members of parliament from Azerbaijan Adil Aliyev, Nazim Cafarov, Musa Gasimli and Azerbaijani artists who live in Turkey and many citizens.

Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Ankara Hazar Ibrahim who made a speech during the opening ceremony stated that “This park is not only a symbol of friendship but also brotherhood, because this year is Azerbaijan’s 100th anniversary of establishment and Turkey and Azerbaijan became brothers 100 years ago. At the time, Turkey gave a great support to the difficult process of establishment of Azerbaijan. Then, Caucasian Islamic Army came to Azerbaijan which was commanded by Nuri Paşa. In the mean time, Azerbaijani volunteers came for a help to Turkey’s War of Independence and fought for the sake of Turkey’s sovereignty. Today and 100 years after, Azerbaijan and Turkey are faithful to each other and they would help one another as brothers”.

Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç said that “Today we are opening this park in a very important day in history. 100. Year Park was built on an area of 5 acres. In the mean time, today is a birthday of Haydar Aliyev and we combined these two important days. This is a very significant park opening for us. From the following months, Azerbaijani artists, sculptors will come to this park and make their own work here. We will continue to exhibit the works which have emerged with a competition each time”.

Painting Exhibition was Opened

After the inauguration of the Park, a painting exhibition of the works of Azerbaijani painters who live in Turkey was opened in Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan Culture Centre.