4th Turkic World Theatre Days organized in Mersin by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality held on 24-30 April 2018.

The opening ceremony of 4th Turkic World Theatre Days which was held in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Congress and Exhibition Centre, was attended by Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz, TRNC Education and Cultural Attache Yusuf İnanıroğlu, Former Governor of Mersin Akif Tığ, Regional Representative of Turkish World Research Foundation Seyfettin Sindar and many citizens.

During the Theatre Days organized by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for four years, theatre groups from different countries perform their plays. In the Turkic World Theatre Days, which aimed to transfer different cultures and languages by melting them in the theater, to the people of Mersin, theatre groups from Azerbaijan, Gagauzia, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan, Turkmenistan and Syria performed their theatrical performances and carried their cultures and languages to Mersin.

Fourth Turkic World Theatre Days began with Azerbaijan Sumgayit Drama Theater’s play “Ocak”. After the game, Mayor Kocamaz made a speech on the stage and underlined that their target is to unify and integrate people with theatre which helps people to connect and expressed that they will carry on these kinds of art and cultural activities in order to share cultural values with next generations. Mayor Kocamaz also put forward that their primary intention was to help young generations to live Turkish identity and Turkish language with a unity and solidarity and he highlighted the importance of young generations’ education in order to improve their national identity.

In the Theatre Days held in Congress and Exhibition Centre in the dates of 24-30 April, Azerbaijan Sumgayit Drama Theatre, Turkmenistan Maktumkulu Folk Musical Drama Theatre, TRNC Güzelyurt Municipality City Theatre, Gagauzia Komrat Municipality S. Kesya Music and Drama Theatre, Tatarstan Cultural Institution Buinsky Drama Theatre, Iranian Turkish Theatre, Republic of Kyrgyzstan Youth Theatre of Uchur, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality City Theatres and Iraq Kirkuk Turkmen Gardaşlık Ocağı Theatre Group were played on the stage.