The ninth issue of Union of Turkish World Municipalities’ (TDBB) bulletin ‘Local Agenda in Eurasia’ that is prepared every three months is published (Winter 2018).

Cover topics of the ninth issue are; Knowledge and Experience Sharing Programme for the members of the TDBB from Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia and Kyrgyzstan, Support for the Student Dormitory in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Srebrenica, and granting a firetruck to Macedonia’s Centar Zupa Municipality.

Among the other topics that are found in this issue are, A Coordination Meeting of Bosnian members of the TDBB held in Sarajevo’s Novi Grad Municipality, Meeting of students from Turkic Republics that study in Istanbul hosted by the TDBB, Commemoration programmes ‘Cengiz Aytmatov at 89th Anniversary of His Birth’ and ‘Muhtar Avezov at 120th Anniversary of His Birth’, Bosnian-Herzegovina Armed Forces Day and Independence Day celebrations, ‘The Most Successful Municipality Union Award’ received by the TDBB, ‘Human Cities Project’ Cooperation Protocol between TDBB and RWI, ‘Smart Municipalism and Cyber Security’ Expert Training Programme, Construction of Bulan Sögüttü Mosque in Kyrgyzstan’s Issık-Göl and 9th Communication with the Future Workshop that was held in Romania and Moldova.

In this issue of the bulletin subject of travel writing is Thessaloniki, a city of 2300 years long history. This beautiful city is explained by TDBB’s Foreign Relations Expert Zuleyha Gurbetova.

Besides the activities that are supported and conducted with the cooperation, TDBB Administrative Meetings and the news regarding our member municipalities that can be found in this issue, for our members and readers in other countries, summaries of the news in English and Russian can be found as well.


Local Agenda in Eurasia, No: 9 (PDF)