Mayor of TDBB Member Gostivar (Macedonia) Municipality and the delegation with him visited TDBB Headquarters and its sister city Akhisar Municipality. Mayor of Gostivar Dr. Arben Taravari, Director of Gostivar Municipality Economic Growth and Development Office Besim Doğani, Gzim Hacı Eyüp from Public Affairs Office and businessman Hajber Taravari were in the group.

During the delegation’s Akhisar visit, they met with Mayor of Akhisar Salih Hızlı and other officials. In the meeting, Mayor Hızlı underlined the importance they give to Gostivar and congratulated Mayor Dr. Arben Taravari who was recently elected as Mayor of Gostivar. He also added that they can join in projects with Gostivar within the possibilities of the municipality.

On the other hand, Mayor of Gostivar Taravari stated that Gostivar is a city located in Polog Valley’s fertile lands on the hillside of Šar Mountain, which is the source of Vardar River flowing into the Aegean Sea, and he stated that “Gostivar is one of the most important cities of Macedonia in economic and political aspects. Besides Gostivar is among the cities which are symbolic of multicultural life.”

The delegation from Gostivar also visited TDBB Headquarters in Istanbul and met with Secretary General Fahri Solak. In the meeting, possible cooperation areas and projects were evaluated. Within this framework, it was decided to organize Information and Experience Sharing Program for the Macedonian member municipalities and to activate the sister city relations between two countries in 2018 Work Plan.