“The 65th anniversary of the Kazakh Immigration to Turkey” was commemorated in the program organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Bağcılar Municipality and Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Foundation (HAY) on 15 November 2017 at Bağcılar Municipality.
Lokman Çağırıcı, Mayor of Bağcılar Municipality, Mustafa Eldivan, District Governor of Bağcılar, Fahri Solak, General Secretary of TDBB, Yavuz Bülent Bakiler, Author, Prof. Dr. İlyas Kamiloğlu, Assist. Prof. Meryem Hakim, Bekbek Gayretullah, Researcher and Writer and Kazakh Turk representatives of NGOs and many guests were attended to the program which was held in Bağcılar Halk Sarayı.
In the program, Lokman Çağırıcı stated that Our brothers in East Turkestan have also immigrated to Turkey like Balkan and Central Asian people, during the late periods of the Ottoman Empire and as a result of the developments made in the 20th century, in his speech. An important part of Kazakh people who emigrated from East Turkestan in the 1950’s settled in Bağcılar. I hope that we won’t have those sad incidents anymore that took place in severe conditions. Moreover, our duty is that remember what happened at the time and memorialize them”.
Mansur Teyci who is a witness of the migration posited that “I was 9 years old at the time; our travel was maintained with horses and camels. It was actualized in very difficult conditions, we headed to the Tibet and Himalayas Mountains and the weather was around minus 20 degrees. In such conditions, they put them us in coffers to not to freeze thats why our immigration was like a hijra. We ran from torture and cruelty and made 9000 kilometers road to get rid of it and come here.
Following the opening speeches, the panel which involved various aspects of the immigration was held. In the Panel, Dr. Fahri Solak, from Marmara University was the Chairman and Prof. Dr. İlyas Kamiloğlu (Mimar Sinan University), Assist. Prof. Meryem Hakim (Bilkent University) and Bekrem Gayretullah, researcher and writer, were the panelist speakers.
Hızırbek Gayretullah who is a witness of the migration expressed that “Kazakh Migration started in 1904 in the first time. The main reason of this migration was to gain our freedom and independence. We had lack of food and starvation during the migration and unfortunately we didn’t have medical supplies too. We experienced many difficulties when we were crossing the Himalayas Mountains and the Taklimakan Desert. We hunted animals during our travel and regrettably most people died from starvation”. Furthermore, Meryem Hakim gave brief information about the families who joined the immigration. Finally, İlyas Kemaloğlu evaluated the causes and consequences of the migration.
Göçle ilgili fotoğraflardan oluşan serginin açılışından sonra, program mini konser, halk dansları gösterisi ve yöresel yemek ikramı ile tamamlandı.
There was also a photograph exhibition consisting of photographs about the immigration. In addition, visitors enjoyed the mini concert and folk dance performance, and finally the program was ended after the local food’s presentation.