Kırşehir Municipality, the member of the Administrative Board of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) made a ground breaking ceremony for its project of Ahi Evran-ı Veli Kırşehir Mosque, which will be built in its sister city, Olovo, Bosnia Herzegovina on 3 November 2017.

Yaşar Bahçeci, Mayor of Kırşehir, Dzemal Memagic, Mayor of Olovo, Dr. Hüseyin Kayapınar, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV), Enes Ljevakovic, Mufti of Sarajevo and large number of citizens were attended to the ceremony which held in Olovo.

Yaşar Bahçeci, Mayor of Kırşehir posited that Olovo and Kırşehir became “sister cities” in 2013. Bahçeci also spesified that upon the request from Olovo, Kırşehir Municipality will construct not only a mosque, but also lodging building, guesthouses, fountains, classrooms and wedding rooms in Olovo. Bahçeci underlined that the ground breaking ceremony of this Mosque will be the beginning of enhancing relation between Kırşehir and Olovo, in his words; “Thanks to this work our sisterhood will become stronger and our colloborative activities will increase more day by day”.

Mayor of Olovo Dzemal Memagic stressed that Ahi Evran-ı Veli Kırşehir Mosque will inherit the next generations and will be the sign of the cooperation of Olovo and Kırşehir on several areas. Memagic thanked all the Turkish people and spesifically people from Kırşehir for their support and said that “I especially thank to Mr. President Erdoğan bacause of his precious efforts and support for Bosnia Herzegovina in order to have the same conditions of its neighboring countries in the Balkan region.”

After the speeches on the ground breaking ceremony, the Mayors and other guests went to the construction area and the ceremony continued with prays.

About the Mosque

The mosque and the complex are planned to be built on an area of 1520 square kilometer and the Mosque will be constructed and decorated using the Ottoman architecture style. The mosque will have a large capacity like 400 people can pray at the same time and be constructed with the classical form with a single dome and single minaret. The complex will also have the administrative office, a guest house and a wedding hall constructed next to the mosque. The Mosque will have courtyard which designed with the tarditional stones and also have a fountain and a pool in the courtyard.