The eighth issue (Fall 2017) of the ‘Local Agenda in Eurasia’ as a quarterly Activity Bulletin of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was published.

Cover topics of the eighth bulletin are as follows; the publication of ‘The Epic of Manas’ which has deep links with the Turkish mythology and Turkish step culture by TDBB in Turkish in full text by TDBB, the publication of History Atlas of Tatars and Eurasia ‘Atlas Tartarica’ which was translated into Turkish language that enlightens the common Turkish and Tatar history, the ‘Information and Experience Sharing Program’ organized for the Bosnian member municipalities by TDBB and ‘II. Turkic World Documentary Film Festival Awards Ceremony’.

In addition to these topics, the Construction of Glamoc Culture and Education Center in Bosnia Herzegovina, the Opening Ceremony of Kids and Youth Center and TDBB Cultural Houses in Doboj Istok, Bosnia Herzegovina, ‘The Sixth International Altaic Communities Symposium’ and ‘International Symposium on Baymirza Hayit’ in Istanbul and the working visits of Bosnian Ambassador Bakir Sadovic and President of Gagauzia Autonomous Region, Irina Vlah in TDBB.

Furthermore, there are also supported and collaborative activities, TDBB Administrative Meetings and news about our Member Municipalities, English and Russian summaries of news for TDBB members and readers in other countries.


Local Agenda in Eurasia, No: 8 (PDF)