Programme on “Smart Municipalism and Cyber Security” organized by Union of Turkic World Municipalities (TDBB), Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Fatih Municipality, Ümraniye Municipality, Pendik Municipality and Zeytinburnu Municipality, where 13 experts from 7 different countries participated, was held in Istanbul on 15-21 October. 2017. Programme successfully finished after numerous presentations and fieldwork were conducted.

Participants at the programme were, Agron Breznica Working Expert from Kosovo Polje Municipality (Kosovo), Fitor Haziri Expert for Science and Technology from Ferizaj Municipality (Kosovo), Adrian Mziu Public Diplomacy Expert from Kamza Municipality (Albania), Njazi Hoxha Head of the Office for Conducting Youth Policies and Projects from Kukes Municipality (Albania), Ganbaatar Manaljav, Head of the Council of Nalayh Municipality (Mongolia), Batmagnai Bayarkhuu Head of Public Security Department of Nalayh Municipality (Mongolia), Damir Zjakic Head of Computer Departments in Bihac Municipality (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Palii Alexandru, Information Technology Specialist from Union of Moldovan Municipalities (CALM), Cezanesti municipality (Moldova), Sirbu Vasile Mayor of Cezanesti (Moldova), Nurbek Omurzakov Project Expert from Narin Municipality, (Kyrgyzstan), Dinirlan Satygulov Urban Studies and Transportation Specialist from Osh Municipality (Kyrgyzstan), Ismet Latic, Advisor of the Mayor from Petnica Municipality (Montenegro), Jasmin Kuluglija Information Technology Consultant from Pljevlja Municipality (Montenegro).

The first day of the programme delegation paid a visit to ISBAK. The delegation was welcomed here by Murat Mustafa Harman,  Director of Survey and Planning of İSBAK. The delegation had the chance to participate in the presentation about ‘Intelligent Transportation Applications in Local Government’. After the lunch delegation visited Istanbul’s old town.  

At the second day of the programme, the delegation visited Zeytinburnu Municipality. The delegation participated in the presentation about ‘Zeytinburnu Municipality’s Smart Municipal Practices’ presented by Yusuf Kırdemir, a Head of Zeytinburnu’s IT Department. The same day delegation visited TDBB’s headquarter. Inside TDBB’s building delegation had a chance to listen about ‘Cyber Security in Local Communities’ and “Digital Evidence Reviews and Case Analysis” presented by the Sales and Marketing Director of Fordefence Information Company Tarık Üstüner and Fehmi Genç. At the evening hours delegation met with TDBB’s Secretary General Fahri Solak at the dinner at Belgradkapi Social Facilities.

The third day Fatih Municipality was visited. The presentation was made on the use of Geographical Information System by the Deputy Mayor of Fatih Municipality Okan Erhan Ofla.

The fourth day of Smart Municipal and Cyber Security Expert training continued with the visit to Pendik Municipality. The delegation was welcomed by Rüveyda Güzel, Municipality’s expert from the Department for Foreign Relations. Delagation participated at the presentation about ‘Innovative Perspective on the Concept of 5-D Urban Transformation’.  After this presentation delegation moved to the presentation about “Cyber Security, Electronic Signature, Digital Document” presented by Pendik Municipality Information Processing Manager Üstün Murat Yıldız. The same day delegation visited Ümraniye Municipality. Information Processing Manager of Ümraniye Municipality Halil İbrahim Emek welcomed the delegation and gave a lecture about “Intelligent Map and Disaster Information System of Ümraniye Municipality”.

The fifth-day delegation, on October 20, the delegation visited BELBIM where they listened to the presentation of Product Managment and Marketing Manager Tuğba Narol about “Istanbul Card Application”. The same day delegation visited historical museum Panorama 1453 and Turkic World Culture Houses.

After the visits to museums delegation paid a visit to TDBB’s headquarters where they had an evaluation meeting with Secretary General Fahri Solak. At the meeting Solak said; “this kind of meetings is a chance for experts from different countries and regions to come together. On the one hand experts are getting their training, but on the other hand brotherly ties in the wide geographical area that stretches from Mongolia to the Balkans has been formed. By organizing these trainings, as TDBB we aim to give a training to experts and to extend the brotherly ties in the wide geographical area. I hope that these brotherly ties will be the beginning of friendly relations and I hope they will continue after this. I would like to thank you for coming from the different parts of the world and participating in our programme.” After mutual evaluation the meeting, Proof of Participation Certificates were given to the participants, after which programme has ended.  

The last day of the programme was on October 21, 2017. Participants had a city tour after which they went back to their home countries.