TDBB Annual Report 2017

TDBB Annual Report
(1 January - 31 December 2017)








Coordination Meeting for TDBB’s Bosnia-Herzegovina Member Municipalities was Held in Novi Grad

Students Coming from Turkic Republics Met with the Hosting of TDBB

Chinghiz Aitmatov was Commemorated in Istanbul on his 89th Birth Year

120th year from the Birth of Muhtar Avezov was Commemorated in Istanbul

Bosnia-Herzegovina Armed Forces Day Celebrated in Ankara

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Independence Day Celebrated in Istanbul

International Baymirza Hayit Symposium was Organized in Istanbul

9th Communication with Future Workshop was Held in Romania and Moldova

II.Turkic World Documentary Film Festival Awards were Presented

6th International Altaic Communities Symposium was Held in Istanbul

Applications to “TDBB Support Program for Graduate Students” For 2017 Has Started

Kazakh Scholar Khalifa Altay Commemorated in Istanbul in the 100th Anniversary of His Birth

TDBB Special Library Web Search was Put into Service

Kazakhstan Religious Officials Delegation Istanbul Program was Completed














TDBB December Executive Board Meeting was Held in Union Headquarters

TDBB November Executive Board Meeting was Held in Union Headquarters

TDBB October Administrative Board Meeting was Held in Şahinbey

TDBB September Executive Board Meeting was Held in Union Headquarters

TDBB High Advisory Board Meeting was Held in Union Headquarters

TDBB Executive Board Meeting of August was Held in Union Headquarters

TDBB July Administrative Board Meeting was Held in Bolu

TDBB May Executive Board Meeting was Held in Ankara

TDBB April Executive Board Meeting was Held in TDBB Headquarters

TDBB Administrative Board Meeting was made with the hosting of Ümraniye Municipality

TDBB February Executive Board Meeting was made at Union Headquarters

TDBB January Executive Board Meeting was Held in TDBB Headquarters

TDBB Executive Assistants Meeting was Held in Antalya

TDBB “Sister City Activities” Meetings were Made in Istanbul


Novi Grad Municipality Celebrated the 40th Anniversary

Cengiz Aytmatov’s Sculpture was Opened in Maltepe

Kastamonu was Chosen as Cultural Capital of Turkic World 2018

Şahinbey and Tokmok Municipalities Signed ‘Sister City’ Protocol

Deceased Former Mayor of Tutin Semsudin Kucevic was Commemorated in Bayrampaşa

The 65th anniversary of the Kazakh Immigration to Turkey was Commemorated in Bağcılar

Kırşehir Municipality is Building a Mosque in its Sister City, Olovo

‘International Mersin Open Chess Tournament’ is Organized in Mersin

‘International City and Civil Society Organizations Summit’ was Held in Istanbul

Opening Concert of Kazakhstan Culture Days was Held in Keçiören

‘3rd International Yunus Emre Days’ were Held in Manisa

Altındağ Municipality has Begun the Construction of the Cultural Centre in Comrat, the Capital of Gagauzia

Yakutsk Culture Days were Organized in Istanbul

Turkish Language Class from Selçuklu Municipality to Novi Travnik

18. International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival is held in Safranbolu

Turkish Language Class from Sister City Şahinbey to Gorazde

“International Forgotten Values Festival” is Organized by Kartepe Municipality in Serbia

“Istanbul Culture Days” Organized in Sarajevo

5th International Köroğlu Festival was held in Bolu

July 15 Park from Izmit Municipality to Travnik Municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Park From Sister City Beykoz to Iskele in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

2nd Turkish World Ancestor Sports Festival took place in Bursa Kocayayla

Inegöl Municipality 30th International Culture Art Festival was realized

Bayrampaşa Municipality Farewell Convoy reached to 9 Balkan Countries on its 13th Year

Keçiören Municipality Brotherhood Iftar Organization was Made in Turkestan City of Kazakhstan

Turkish and Islamic Worlds Gathered in Ramadan Events of Keçiören

Iftar Program from Ümraniye Municipality for its Sister City Fojnica

Eyup Municipality Organized Brotherhood Iftar in Gostivar and Tetovo

Brotherhood Meals from Bağcılar Municipality to its Sister City Almaty

Culture and Education Bridge to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Bagcilar Municipality

“22. Turkic World Children Festival” Held in Istanbul

3. Turkic World Theater Days Held in Mersin

Turkish Class and Sports Hall from Sancaktepe Municipality to Bosnia Herzegovina

Hodja Ahmed Yasawi was Commemorated in Kocaeli with his Melodized Wisdom

Srebrenica Genocide Memorial Opened in Kartal

8th International Eurasian World Heritage Cities Conference held in Safranbolu

Kosovo Delegation Visited Keçiören Municipality

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Signed Sister City Protocol with Bayan Ulgii and Famagusta

Safranbolu and Bayan-Ulgii Signed Sister City Protocol

Historical Waterway Cities Meet at Esenler

Support from Keçiören Municipality in Irrigation Vehicle to Sister City El Halil

Turkish Class from Kartepe Municipality to its Sister City Bihac

Azerbaijani poet Molla Penah Vagif was Commemorated in Sakarya

The Artists Darkened their Artworks for Khojali Martyrs

Kechioren Commemorated Khojali Massacre

Bolu and Zivinice Municipalities Signed “Sister City” Protocol

“Karabakh Park” was Inaugurated in Bolu

Goynuk and Sheki Municipalities Signed Sister City Protocol

The Project of “The Heritage of Anatolian Seljuk Era” has been completed



















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