TDBB 2015 Annual Report
TDBB 1 January - 31 December 2015 Annual Report







28 December 2015 - Stationary Aid to Students from TDBB and Zeytinburnu Municipality

24 December 2015 - Tölömüş Okeyev was commemorated in his 80th birthday

21 December 2015 - "International Substance Addiction Symposium" held in Malatya

21 December 2015 - Sari Saltik was commemorated in Bulgaria

17 December 2015 - Coordination Meeting of the Year 2016 between Local Administration Organizations was Held

5 December 2015 - Diplomatic Winter Charity Sale was organized in Sarajevo

23 October 2015 - 3rd International Turkish World Culture Congress Held in İzmir

11 October 2015 - "The Ottoman Period in Cyprus" Symposium held in Nicosia

11 October 2015 - 16. Safranbolu Golden Documentary Film Festival

25 September 2015 - Concert Of Opera Stars of Turkic World Was Given In Istanbul

12 September 2015 - Kazakhstan Film Days

26 August 2015 - 'Turkish World Days' In Kastamonu

22 July 2015 - "International Altai Communities Symposium" was held in Antalya

29 May 2015 - Turkish World Journalists Council Held in Kazan

24 May 2015 - Hyderabad' Qadır Alı Baıg Theatre Show Ended In Istanbul

15 May 2015 - Ayvaz Dede Festival

10 May 2015 - Turkish World Lullaby Festival

29 April 2015 - TURKPA 4th Commission of International Relations Meeting

16 April 2015 - First Kazakh Historian Ermukhan Bekmakhanov International Symposium

21 March 2015 - Nawruz Festival in Istanbul

19 March 2015 - Turkish World Nawruz Concert

3 March 2015 - Local Governments Conference held in Azerbaijan

3 March 2015 - UCLG-MEWA's Workshop "Opening Channels" Completed

19 January 2015 - Kazakhstan-Turkey Friendly Concerts


Other Activities
  • 2-3 April 2015 – The meeting of the TURKPA Commission on Environment and Natural Resources themed as "Fighting with Desertification in Turkic Speaking Countries" will take place in Ankara. In the meeting TDBB will be presented by Member of High Advisory Board, Prof. A. Burçin Yereli.
  • 09-10 April 2015 - "Bosnia and Herzegovina Member Municipalities' Meeting" will take place with the hosting of Bosnia and Herzegovina Travnik Municipality. The meeting will be attended by Secretary General of TDBB, Fahri Solak.
  • 11-17 April 2015 –Information and Experience Program for Mongolian Mayors will take place in Istanbul and Ankara. The program themed as "Traffic/Transportation Management and Urban Renewal Applications in Local Governments" will be attended by 20 Mayors.
  • 22 April 2015 – TDBB Administrative Board Meeting will be held, with the hosting of Gebze Municipality.
  • 24-25 April 2015 – In 4th World Turkic Forum of TASAM which will be held in İstanbul, TDBB will have a session themed as "Local Governments and Public Diplomacy".
  • 29 April 2015 – "Abdullah Tukay Commemoration Program", organized cooperatively by Republic of Tatarstan Representative of Turkey and TDBB, will take place in Congresium Hall, Ankara with the participation of President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnihanov.
  • Kyrgyzstan İstanbul Consul General Renat Tüleberdiyev visited the Union. During the meeting with Secretary General Fahri Solak, the parties exchanged opinions about joint projects planned to be done in the common months. (02.02.2015)
  • The delegation from Turkish World Studies Association visited the Union and met with Secretary General Fahri Solak. (04.02.2015)(20.01.2015)
  • President of The Turkish World Parliamentary Association Nuri Uslu visited the Union to exchange opinions about future joint activities and projects. (11.02.2015)
  • Service to Turkish Culture Association visited the Union. (12.02.2015)
  • Mayor of Madan/ Bulgaria Fahri Molaysenov and his delegation visited the Union. The meeting made with the delegation of Madan Municipality, whose sister city is Zeytinburnu Municipality, was hosted by Vice President of TDBB and also Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality. (20.02.2015)
  • Tatarstan Mayor of Tyulyachi Ildus Zaripov visited TDBB. In the meeting, which was hosted by Secretary General of the Union Fahri Solak, the parties discussed the projects that could be organized in 2015. (16.01.2015)
  • Kyrgyzstan Consul General of Istanbul paid a business visit to the Union. During the meeting made with Secretary General Fahri Solak, the activities that were planned to be done in 2015 were discussed. (20.01.2015)
  • The delegation, consisted of Republic of Moldova Gagauz Autonomous Region PMs and Mayors, paid a visit to the Union. During the meeting made with Secretary General Fahri Solak, the parties exchanged opinions about the planned joint projects. (20.01.2015)
  • President of TASAM (Turkish Asian Center For Strategic Studies) Süleyman Şensoy visited TDBB and met with Secretary General Fahri Solak. In the meeting the parties exchanged opinions about the programs that were planned to be carried out in the framework of "4th World Turkic Forum" , which will be organized in Istanbul in April. (21.01.2015)
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