Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

He was born in 1952 in Yuvacık. He graduated from Marmara University at the department of Theology in1977. He worked at Kırıkkale High School, İzmit Industrial Vocational High School, İzmit Secondary School as a teacher and a principal between 1978-1989. He was Mayor of Yuvacık between 1989-1999 for 10 years in İzmit. He worked as advisor  to Prime Minister in Ankara.  Mr. Karaosmanoğlu, who was awarded an honorary doctorate by Mahmud Kaskari Barskani East University that is one of the well-established universities of Kyrgyz Republic and by Kainar University from Kazakhstan, is the full member of COPPEM Cooperation Committee. He is also the member of UCLG-MEWA and he works as a chairman in three different committees and as a member of executive committee in the same organization. Performing an important task in making Kocaeli a world city with the rapid, aggressive and people-oriented investments in line with the needs of the city and model project applications, Mr. Karaosmanoğlu has been selected as “the Metropolitan Mayor of the Year” so many times by many non-governmental organizations and national and international publications. He was awarded state of the Order of Merit by Hungary state since he provided support for development of Turkish-Hungarian friendship. Finally, he was elected as the president of Union unanimously in 3rd General Assembly of Union of Turkish World Municipalities actualized in 10 March 2012. He is married and has got  five children.