President’s Mesaage

In our world in which distances disappear and the countries get closer even without borders, localization is becoming increasingly important and measure of modernization day by day.

We see that local governments responsible for city administration are actors in development and welfare of regions where they service in our century when information, transportation and communication technology developments are surrounding our lives and global, regional and local solidarity are important.

With increasing opportunities for regional and local cooperation, the municipalities responsible for humanitarian / social development and sustainable development need sharing information, exchanging experiences, solidarity and cooperation in the economic sense more than ever.

Whatever the basic dynamics of solidarity based on, municipal unions, one of the most remarkable examples of working together for common interests, provide welfare of cities, participatory democracy, sustainable development, protection of historical and cultural heritage and dialogue among cultures and civilization on the context of the principle of “strength results from unification” .

Interaction of countries living in the same cultural geoghraphy for thousands years is natural. Transformation of this interaction to mutual advantage and benefit is important for stability.

It is pleased to see that the problems among the countries in the same cultural geography has virtually disappeared and good relationship is developing. Handing of good relations in the level of Heads of States and Governments depends on establishment of more powerful and long-term relations in the level of local governments and people. To achieve this objective, as the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (UTWM) we try to sustain the relations among people in different countries by cooperating with associations in our cultural geography.

UTWM of which foundation was decided in Azerbaijan in 2003, has continued its activities with the mission of sharing municipal knowledge, skill and experiences and transportation both cultural and economic cooperation to the summit and finally by gathering local governments in Eurasia since that time.

Our Union which aims to gather all municipalities in Eurasia in the same roof is going on to realize its activities in international scale with its increasing number of members. UTWM has 1194 local government units and unions from 30 countries. Countries: Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Cyprus, Hungary, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Pakistan, Russian Federation / Dagestan, Russian Federation / Bashkortostan, Lebanon and Turkey.