The park which was built by member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Izmit Municipality in sister city of Travnik was opened in the ceremony held on August 5, 2017. The ceremony was attended by Mayor of Izmit Dr. Nevzat Doğan and accompanying delegation, Prime minister of Middle Bosna Canton Tahir Lendo, Mayor of Travnik Admir Hadziemric.

The park in Travnik, built by Izmit Municipality and costing about 100.000 Euro, was built on an area of 4 acres. The park has a multipurpose field, a walking path, a picnic area, games and sports areas. The name of the park was set as “July 15 Freedom and Independence Park” with the recommendation of Travnik Mayor Admir Hadziemric and many guests.

At the opening ceremony of the park, Dogan was given the symbolic key of the city by Admir Hadziemric, the Mayor of Travnik. Hadziemric said, “We are very happy to welcome our guests from Izmit. I cannot thank the Mayor Nevzat Dogan for having such a beautiful park in my municipality. This park will strengthen friendship and brotherhood among us. Turkey’s strength is sign that we are strong and able to live in peace.”

Izmit Mayor Nevzat Dogan said “We are not guests here but we are in our own home. Travnik is one of our sister cities. But our original brotherhood is our brotherhood, which has lasted for centuries, beyond the brotherhood on paper. For us this is not a foreign place, but a place where our brothers live. Bosnia is always a place where our eyes, our ears, our hearts are. Your happiness is our happiness. As municipalities we will continue to cooperate more. I also remember with mercy and respect Alija Izetbegovic, who plays a great role in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s independence, as a world leader.”

Situated 90 km west of Sarajevo and educated 19 Vezirs of Ottoman Empire, Travnik, also known as City of Vezirs, is also known as a place with the most minaret in one photography.