Administrative Board Member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Ümraniye Municipality organized an iftar program on 14 June 2017 in Fojnica city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ümraniye Municipality continues to build bridges to strengthen the sisterhood relations with its sister city, Fojnica of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visiting Fojnica Municipality Ümraniye Cultural Center that was constructed in 2011 within the year for many times and meeting with the citizens of Fojnica, Ümraniye Municipality didn’t forget its brothers in Ramadan. The iftar program, which took place in Fojnica Ümraniye Cultural Center, was attended by Travnik Canton Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Salkan Merdzaniç, Deputy Mayors of Ümraniye Türkan Öztürk and Sibel Şenocak, Fojnica protocol representatives and many other Bosnians.

The program started with Quran recitation, and Deputy Mayors of Ümraniye Türkan Öztürk and Sibel Şenocak made opening speeches stating that they are glad to be with Bosnians in this iftar program; they also gave information about the activities of municipality. The program ended with the religious hymn concert.