The book called “Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ottoman Documents” published by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Administrative Board Member Bagcilar Municipality, was introduced in Sarajevo.

Bağcılar Mayor Lokman Çağırıcı, Turkish Ambassador in Sarajevo Haldun Koç, the writer of book Yıldırım Ağanoğlu, Sarajevo Yunus Emre Cultural Center Director Mehmet Akif Yaman and many guests attended the presentation program held in Sarajevo Yunus Emre Culture and Art House.

Bağcılar Mayor Lokman Çağrıcı made a speech in the program and said: “We are signing together with important works in order to further strengthen our deep ties that reach our daily lives from our history and our ancestors as two brother nations. We started to relations with Bosnia through sister city area and we are are continuing. In this context, the book “Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ottoman Documents” has a special importance. I wish this work will add richness to the world of science. I thank to all who contributed.”

Turkish Ambassador in Sarajevo Haldun Koç stated that they read proudly the books about Ottoman Empire embracing tolerance, love and policies for different ethnic groups and the book “Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ottoman Documents” is an important work in the point of reflecting this tolerance of Ottoman Empire and it will bring light to history.

After the conversations, Yıldırım Ağanoğlu gave information about the book. Ağanoğlu said, “In the Ottoman archives, there are 15 thousand documents of Bosnia-Herzegovina which contain religious, education, culture, military, foundations and related issues. We chose 41 of them from the parts of Evliya Çelebi’s travels from Bosnia and some other interesting parts on Bosnia.

Turkish Class Visited

Within the framework of the Bosnia and Herzegovina study visit, Travnik Primary School, which has a Turkish class built by Bağcılar Municipality, was also visited. Bağcılar Mayor Lokman Çağrıcı and his delegation received information about the work carried out by the Head of School Denan Aganovi and Turkish teacher Emina Peski during the visit.