Union of Turkish World Municipalities’ (TDBB) 2016 organizations and activities were published as ‘TDBB 2016 Activity Report’.

In 2016 activity report, where annual organizations and activities of TDBB are accessible, ‘Educational System in Turkey’, ‘Woman Employment and Activities for Women in Local Governments’, ‘Press and Public Relations in Local Governments’, ‘Water, Waste Water and Water Systems in Local Governments’, ‘Pre-school Institutions in Local Governments’, ‘Cleaning Services in Local Governments’ Expert Training Programs, and Information and Experience Sharing Programs on ‘Municipal Activities and Mining Services in Local Governments’ for Mongolia Shariin-Gol Municipality and ‘Alternative Energy Sources and Asphalt Operations in Local Governments’ for Gagauz Municipalities take place within the framework of information sharing and training programs.

Besides, important organizations like ‘TDBB Eurasia Local Authorities Bosnia Summit’, ‘Yusuf Has Khacib Year Istanbul Opening Ceremony’, ‘Workshop on Turkish World Common Proverbs and Idioms’, ‘Respect to Heritage, Develop the Nation Year’ Cultural Events that took place in Istanbul for the 25th Anniversary of Turkmenistan’s Independence, ‘Turkish World Documentary Film Festival Award Ceremony’, ‘Commemoration Program for 150th Birthday of Alihan Bökeyhan’, ‘Turkic Republics in 25th Year of their Independence’ Panel, ‘Ürkün Movie’s Turkey Gala’ shot in Kyrgyzstan for 100th anniversary of 1916 Turkistan Resistance and ‘Mahmud al Kashgari in Turkish and Islamic World’ International Symposium organized in Bishkek also appear in the report.

In addition in 2016 Activity Report, there are also sections like Union’s Administrative Meetings, cooperatively Organized and Supported Programs, ‘Printed Publications’, Participated International Events, Official Visits, ‘Financial Information’, ‘Member Municipalities of 2016’, ‘TDBB Members’ Activities in Turkish World’ and ‘TDBB in Press’.